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Dream Arc Basic

ASCASO boiler element for Dream Arc Ellipse Steel

ASCASO boiler element 2 hole

69.99 RRP: €76.00
Machines made before 10/2009 with (2 holes)
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Ascaso Boiler Element  Kit
for Ascaso (Innova) Dream,  Arc, Basic and Steel (made before -10/2009
(For Dream up version, click
Ascaso dream Up boiler element)

The boiler element will need to be replaced if;

  • when you switch on your machine,your machine dispenses cold water from the group ,
  • or the machine is tripping out the main fuse. 

The  ascaso boiler element fuse may be blown - Before you purchase the element , look inside machine and check its main fuse, if its black or burnt then replace that.  Click here for boiler fuse.

This Kit includes:

1. Boiler gasket,
120V version Usa Canada
     230v version EU Australia etc

3. Easy to follow instructions.

​Note:- If you purchase the  ascaso group gasket kit+ you can replace the group gaskets at the same time. 

​Note:- You should purchase the group 
ascaso group gasket kit+ and replace the group gaskets as the same time.

  • Teflon sealing tape
    Teflon tape: This is not included in the kit but you may need it for the various fittings. €1.89

  • Ascaso group pipe​​​​​​​Ascaso group pipe:  for the group boiler​​​​​​​ in case it is corroded and breaks



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Geraldine - Donegal Ireland
Great company to work with
Stuart Greyham - Edinburgh Scotland
Thanks again for your help re element / solenoid connector. Fiddly job but my machine is running as good as new again. Hopefully we’ll get a few more years out of it now. If I need to buy any spare parts in future I know who to contact; same goes for all my cleaning products etc.
C Wilde - Somerset
Hi thanks very much for the prompt delivery, very impressive. What a terrific company to deal with order delivered very quickly, minor problem deal with immediately. Would recommend to any one. Thank you very much. Five stars+
David Price - New Zealand
Prices are half what I was quoted in New Zealand!


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