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Aquadur water hardness test strip x 5

Aquadur water hardness test strip x 5

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AQUADUR® water hardness test strips are the ideal choice to quickly determine water hardness.


​​AQUADUR test strips are ideal the quick and easy determination of water hardness. The convenient Dip & Read procedure and the clear colour changes from green to red ensure reliable results within seconds.  These AQUADUR strips  come in 5  individually sealed packets.

If you are using a water filter to protect your valuable coffee machine, then you will need to know when to change the water filter.
If using a brita purity c 500 - this will be depleted  after 5000 litre's at average hardness 8

Use this strip to test, if your brita cartridge or water softner is depleted - if more that 3 dots replace cartridge.

How to use test strips:of 
1. Immerse the test strip for 1 seconds in the test solution.
2. Lightly shake off excess liquid.
3. Wait 60 seconds.
4. Compare the test strip with the scale on the cover
Low hardness          7°f    5°dh   6.5°dh   1 red dot 
Average hardness 12°f    8°dh 12.5°dh   2 red dots  
Hard water            25°f   17°dh 12.5°dh   3 red dots 
Very hard water    37°f   26°dh 12.5°dh   4 red dots 

Set of 5 individually sealed test strips

Made in Germany by MACHEREY-NAGEL GmbH

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