Ascaso 57mm precision Competition Filter 14gr H23

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Ascaso 57mm Competition filter basket double - suits ascaso and Lelit 57mm baskets and other models - see below.
This is a high quality filter basket with a smoother and higher gloss finish than a standard filter basket.
Ascaso only use highest quality steel (AISI 304)
As the circular perforations are totally uniform and always the same size you get a better extraction and more crema - (maximum tolerance of 0.02 mm difference between one hole and the next). 
Its design (a geometric pyramid for the holes and a 94º angle) guarantees uniform dispensing and reduces possible sediment in the coffee and the blocking of the holes.

Dimensions:  Height 23 mm  | Width edge 64.2mm | Internal width 57.3 mm
Holes area: ø 0,42mm x 0,42mm Holes: 620
Size : 2 cup
Quantity: 14-18 Grams
Material: Stainless steel AISI304 Food Safe Certified 
Ascaso Code: i.280

The circular perforations are totally uniform and always the same size

Matching accessories:

Fits models:

  • Ascaso: Dream | Basic | ARC| Elipse and 57mm Steel.  For ascaso steel pro click here,
  • Bazzar: A2 FUT - see review below
  • Lelit Anna PL041  
  • Lelit Anita PL42  
  • Lelit Dianna PL60  
  • Lelit Grace PL81  
  • Quaha,
  • Imat,
  • Nemox
  • La Forza: ​​​​​​F22ML
Will not fit:
  • Ascaso: Barista, PID, Steel pro. For ascaso 58mm version click here
  • Lelit:      Giulietta |S Glenda | Silvana | Bianca |Mara | Victoria Elizabeth | Lelit Kate PL82T
  • La Pavoni:  Buondi  |  Club | Duet | Napolitana | Puccino PCL | Lever or commercial models.
  • ⚠️ Our tamper: Ø 57.4 mm - This tamper is too tight !
  • ⚠️Orignal Lelit tamper 57.3mm is also too tight.

  Q ascaso i.280 v IMS B642Th22 - what is the difference ? See IMS basket below

  • ascaso height is 23mm, IMS is 22mm
  • ascaso can take almost 18 grams.
  • ascaso has more holes with smaller perforations than IMS = more crema and dryer puck
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I have placed several orders with you recently and am very pleased with

what I have bought.

Jon Grindall | UK | December 2013

Great costumer service.

Kfir | Israel | October 2017

Items shipped very fast even with regular mail. I receivede a very good quality product, double filter basket, for what I consider a modest price compared to what I would have been charged in my country, Romania. I had to collect the items at the post office due to the fact that I opted for the least expensive shipping courier and national mail service kind of sucks everywhere. Very happy customer and just placed another order.

D Barbu | Romania | November 2017

BSC sent package very fast, packages very well. This backet works well with Lelit PL41 machine and takes 19gr of coffee (single shot Ascaso basket I.279 also takes extra 2gr 12 instead of 10), holes are evenly sized unlike original Lelit basket (which may or may not contribute to extraction). My buying point is extra 2gr of coffee add a punch to my humble brews. Another great buy from this vendor, thank you!

Andrejs | Riga | October 2018

just wanted to let you know that you just made my day.

For years I’ve been searching for 57 mm VST baskets but couldn’t find them.

I have an Isomac Giada clone called Bazzar A2 FUT (the original Giada has 53 mm baskets, my model, built by futurema, has 57 mm baskets).

Your basket just fits perfectly (which I was hoping but not expecting so much).

So if other customers which are also using this machine should ask you if the basket fits or not, you can tell them that it does.

T Dick | Germany | February 2019

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