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ascaso competition filters

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Motta tamper Black White 58mm
Ascaso flat  competition filter basket 58mm
Introductory offer | 7 gram |14 gram |18 gram 21gram
Ascaso 58mm ridged Competition Basket Single 7-9.5g H20
Ascaso and most 58mm portafilters
Ascaso competition filter basket pod  58mm H14
ESE coffee pods | ø 68 x 14 mm
Ascaso competition filter basket pod  58mm H16
When you want to use decaf pods | ø 70x16 mm
Ascaso 57mm precision Competition Filter 14gr H23
Lelit| | ascaso| Pavoni| Bazzar
Ascaso 57mm precision Competition Filter 7gr H20
Easy clean  filter basket brush
Keep filter basket clean | Quicker than a cloth
Coffee dosing funnel 58mm
** Save 20%* Rancilio |​​​​​​​ECM | Rocket |​​​​​​​Nuova Simonelli |​​​​​​​Quick mill and more *Magnetic*
Portafilter wall rack 58mm
**From €18.49 ** Rancilio |​​​​​​​ECM | Rocket |​​​​​​​Nuova Simonelli |​​​​​​​Quick mill and more
Joe Frex - adjustable level palm tamper 58mm
100% stainless steel | Even puck | Perfect puck density | Reduce channelling
Beechwood Coffee Tamper 58mm
Red|Black|Maple or Walnut
Mini Whisk WDT tool
Helps reduce channeling with naked portafilters
Wooden needle distributer WDT tool
Walnut wood | Beech wood | Ash wood

Ascaso have 3 type of competition filter baskets

 ​​ 57mm: Round bottom - Fits models-  Dream, Arc,  Basic and old steel

58mm round: Round bottom - Fits models-  Pid models, Steel professional, and commercial models

 58.5mm flat : ​​​​​​​Flat bottom - New for 2020Fits models-  Pid models, Steel professional, and commercial models.