Asso Jack  adjustable leveler 58.5mm black
Asso Jack  adjustable leveler 58.5mm black
Asso Jack  adjustable leveler 58.5mm black
Asso Jack  adjustable leveler 58.5mm black
Asso Jack  adjustable leveler 58.5mm black

Asso Jack adjustable leveler 58.5mm black

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All in one tool for the perfect puck density and more crema
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With over 50 years of experience in metalworking, Asso Coffee has dedicated their expertise in Italian craftsmanship to forwarding the coffee industry. In the heart of Italy, Asso Coffee produces high-quality artisan tampers, distribution tools, and more, with an artfulness that compliments the culture of coffee.
Asso Coffee Jack – Coffee  Leveller and tamper all in one 

The Asso Coffee Jack coffee leveller is a both a distribution tool and tamper all in one. It acts more like a level tamper, puck is always perfectly level and grounds are distributed evenly - resulting in the elimination of channelling.

Its the perfect fusion between technological innovation and craftsmanship.
Pop into portafilter basket - twist clockwise once or twice for a consistent and level tamp, removing one of the many variables from pulling the perfect shot.
Needs a dense coffee puck for a creamy shot - no problem - just adjust the depth of the leveller.
Easy to do - twist leveller anticlockwise to make it deeper by the millimetre, click by click until you have reached the ideal depth.

Note: This leveller is 58.5mm exactly and will not fit certain baskets

Wont fit:

  • VST with a ridge gets caught on the ridge
  • Ascaso 58mm
  • 58mm baskets
  • 57mm baskets


Weight: 354 grams  
Width: 58.5 mm
Height: 10 × 9 × 5 cm
Material: Stainless steel base and black aluminium top.


  1. The asso coffee leveler has 4 angled slopes that glides the coffee around in a circle to create a puck of even density.
  2. With a 58.4mm tamp ensures less channelling & micro-channelling - tamps right up to the edge.
  3. Weighing in at  just under 500 grams - ideal weight for a dense puck.
  4. PVC rim ensures a swift and even tamp .

Why is the Asso Jack better than the Motta?

  • Deeper than Motta so more like a level tamper + distributer
  • PVC rim ensures a swift and even tamp
  • Calibrated height adjustment using bearings- Motta leveller is screwed up and down and position is held in place by a rubber gasket.

Outside EU: Vat is removed at checkout 
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Very easy and fast.

I received the goods after 10 days. impressive when I ordered the shipment to Denmark. this is not the last time I order from you

Thomas | Denmark | June 2021

Fast shipping

Fast shipping + nice product = very pleased customer

Anders | Sweden | May 2020

Im in Australia and i was told 9 days shipping, i received my order in 5 days.

I got tracking with my order, i ordered various barista pro nanotech baskets and the jack leveler, i was worried that i would receive after market crap but everything was original.

I would also like to add that these products are not available in Australia, no one in USA or UK apart from Blu StarCoffee were willing to ship these items to me.

Very happy with the service, price and products.

Fantastic, love you long time :)

Sav | Australia | September 2019

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