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Universal Naked portafilter
Fits most machines
Astoria & Wega Naked Portafilter 53mm
Astoria Gloria |Wega concept
Astoria|CMA  Element
Astoria| CMA| Wega|Faema
Portafilter Pressure Gauge Kit
Fits all 3/8'' portafilters
Portafilter thermal Pressure Gauge Kit
Fits all 3/8'' portafilters
Water waste drain hose pipe
fits most machines
Single pod portafilter basket 58mm
When you want to use decaf pods | ø 70x16 mm
Espresso  Spout single
3/8'' Commercial/Home
Espresso coffee Spout 3 cup
3/8'' Commercial
Short Espresso Spout single 3/8
3/8'' Commercial/Home
Espresso Timer
Timer for espresso shots| Filter brew time| Tea brew time
Blind Filter - rubber
57/58mm domestic rubber blind filter
Teflon sealing tape
Prevents leaking
Ascaso 58mm competition filter Basket 12-18g
Ascaso| Gaggia|Rancilio |Lelit and most 58mm portafilters
Ascaso coffee machine rotary vane pump
Commercial rotary vane 200L
Baristapro Nanotech  basket  20 g
Fits: Universal
Baristapro Nanotech  basket  22 g
Fits: Universal
Baristapro Nanotech double basket  15g
Fits: Universal
Baristapro Nanotech double basket  18g
Fits: Universal
Braided water inlet hose  pipe
fits most machines
Certified 3/8" safety valve
Certified 3/8 safety valve
Coffee machine rotary vane pump Nuert
Commercial rotary vane 200L
Filter Basket Double 14-18 grams 58mm
Universal - fits most 58mm portafiters
Filter basket spring 58mm
Holds filter basket in place
Gicar flowmeter
Flowmeter complete
Gicar flowmeter  lid
Flowmeter complete
IMS Cl 35 WM shower screen
Fits: Astoria|Carimali|Elektra|La Cimbali​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ and more
Joefrex espresso tool
Essential multi tool for espresso care
Motta tamper Black
From €21.99 - Choose: 58mm |58.5 mm
Shower screen screwdriver duel head
Flat - and + Phillips heads
Sirai boiler pressure switch
Fits most commercial machines 30amp
Standard 3/8 anti vacuum valve
Generic anti vac valve