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Premium-Quality Barista Cloths

Barista cloths are essential for both home and commercial use. They allow you to keep the coffee area clean and neat and stay focused on the coffee-making process. High-quality microfibre cleaning cloths & towels from Blue Star Coffee come as an excellent solution to make sure your coffee area pleases the eye and looks tidy. Each barista cloth set presented in our catalogue is designed for professional use, offering superior cleaning functions during colossal workloads. Towels for effective surface cleaning, barista cloths for steam wands & stainless steel coatings, supplies with integrated silicone layer are ready to help you remove different stains even in hard-to-reach places. So browse our assortment right now and pick the best barista cleaning cloth for your coffee house!

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EDO Brown barista Cloth
30cm X 40cm
EDO Brown Clipped  barista Cloth
Inc belt clip. | 30cm X 40cm
JoeFrex barista cloth
Large barista cloth | 40cm x 40 cm
EDO Blue barista Cloth
Glass | S steel | Steam wand| 30cm X 40cm
JoeFrex Steam Cloth Black
No more burned hands
JoeFrex Steam Cloth blue
💰 Save 3€ | No more burned hands
JoeFrex Barista Cloths x 4
Steam cloth x 2 | Large barista with clip x 1 | General cloth x 1
Easy clean  filter basket brush
Keeps your filter basket clean | Quicker than a cloth

Microfibre Barista Cloths for Sale

What are the advantages of the professional espresso-making process? Why do coffee gourmets visit coffee shops instead of brewing coffee at home? The significant benefits of coffee houses are excellent service and superior preparation speed, including maintaining the coffee equipment and keeping the workspace clean competently. In this case, barista cloths & towels come as a small professional secret that allows you to reduce the cleaning time without losing the quality. The barista cloth set is a collection of several microfibre cleaning cloths great for various surfaces. These supplies are versatile and suitable for both commercial and domestic use. Unlike most regular microfibre towels, barista cloths offer more benefits for coffee professionals. Please take a look at them below.


  • Quality of barista cleaning cloths. The premium quality of the material provides a longer lifespan and a better coffee area cleaning. Professional barista cloths retain their functional properties longer than household products and thoroughly remove various stains.

  • Range of cleaning products for any purpose. You can purchase a multi-purpose barista cleaning cloth compatible with any surface and a suitable barista cloth set with a highly specialised purpose for cleaning mechanisms of stainless steel, steam pipes, and glass. We also offer a diversity of coffee machine cleaning products for comprehensive care and maintenance.

  • No need for detergents & chemicals. Microfibre cleaning cloths have a particular structure that absorbs dirt and moisture and thoroughly cleans surfaces without scratching or damaging the coating.

  • Convenient product size. Barista cloth sets from Blue Star Coffee catalogue contain professional barista cloths available in the most popular sizes, so you don't have to purchase different cloth sizes separately.

  • Silicone integrated into barista steam cloth. This feature makes it easier to clean hot mechanisms, preventing burns and work injuries due to the presence of a heat-resistant layer. Plus, these barista cloths usually offer two sides for cleaning different types of surfaces.


Blue Star Coffee always goes the extra mile to make sure coffee professionals can select the most well-made microfibre cleaning cloths & towels at affordable and reasonable prices. So, maintain the high quality of cleaning and enjoy the fast preparation of delicious coffee, and we will provide your baristas with all the necessary tools and accessories!


Choosing High-Quality Barista Cleaning Cloth

While all microfibre cleaning cloths are great for removing most types of dirt, you can improve cleaning performance by choosing a product that is suitable for a specific surface type:


  • Woven cloths have a weave similar to a piece of cotton cloth. They absorb liquid well and don't leave streaks after drying. Fluffy supplies are perfect for matte surfaces and are suitable for wet cleaning.

  • Nonwoven microfibre cleaning cloths absorb less water but have a polishing effect. The products have a denser, lint-free structure and are more practical for dry cleaning. They can also remove grease stains without detergents.


Also, pay attention to the degree of surfaces & barista cleaning cloth contamination. The material pores, clogged with dirt, are less likely to absorb moisture and grease deposits. If you notice a deterioration in cleaning performance, replace the worn-out barista steam cloth or wash one thoroughly after being soaked in soap and water. We also recommend purchasing several microfibre cleaning cloths so that the barista doesn't have to stop working due to a lack of clean supplies.

Blue Star Coffee experts dramatically simplify selecting the suitable microfibre cleaning cloths by offering comprehensive descriptions of each product on single pages with the barista cloth set. Besides, we offer expert advice and helpful recommendations on the care of barista cloths & towels so that you can ease the barista's work and extend the lifespan of your cleaning accessories.


Original Microfibre Cleaning Cloths for Barista

The modern market offers an extended range of cleaning supplies, including many barista cleaning cloths. Household counterparts are cheap and less demanding in care. However, all well-trained baristas recommend opting for the more expensive microfibre cleaning cloths made specifically for professional use. The barista cloths deal with enormous amounts of cold and hot liquids and organic dirt & grease every day. For example, the same milk frothing tool needs to be cleaned after each use. 

The unique structure of high-quality microfibre cleaning cloths promotes better dust absorption. In addition, it provides the surface with antistatic properties, minimising detergent consumption dramatically. At the same time, the supplies retain their valuable properties even with frequent washing and drying. This advantage is especially true for bars and coffee shops with high traffic, where the quality of coffee and profit directly depend on the proper work surface hygiene.


Top-Notch Barista Cloths from Blue Star Coffee

In most coffee shops, the bar counter is part of an open space where baristas prepare classic espresso and gourmet coffee cocktails in front of customers, who assess the drink's taste and the cleanliness of work surfaces and tools. Therefore, the perfect condition of your equipment is the key to first-class results as well as the hallmark of your establishment success. Moreover, clean coffee equipment offers the best performance and reliability while maintaining the excellent flavour characteristics of freshly brewed beverages from cup to cup. We offer the most comprehensive selection of barista tools and accessories for both household and commercial use. So check out the collection of microfibre cleaning cloths & supplies featured in the extended Blue Star Coffee catalogue to get your new barista cloths in no time!

Barista cloths are an essential tool in a professional environment and for the home. 

Wiping the filter basket after each espresso extraction ensures that you will get the best out of the next shot, spent grounds are omitted and wont effect the shot in a negative way.

Wiping the steam wand each time after use ensures there is no milk contamination or burnt milk particles in the cup.

Keeping the coffee area free from coffee and milk spills is the hallmark of a skilled craftsman.