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Barista cloths

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Barista Cloths x 4
Set of 4 microfiber cloths
Blue microfiber cloth x 1
From €2.49 | General purpose| Steam wand
Brown barista Cloth x1
From €3.50 - Inc belt clip.
JoeFrex barista cloths x 4
Steam cloth x 2 | Barista cloth with clip | General purpose
JoeFrex Steam Cloth black
No more burning while cleaning
JoeFrex Steam Cloth blue
No more burning while cleaning
Barista cloths are an essential tool in a professional environment and for the home. 

Wiping the filter basket after each espresso extraction ensures that you will get the best out of the next shot, spent grounds are omitted and wont effect the shot in a negative way.

Wiping the steam wand each time after use ensures there is no milk contamination or burnt milk particles in the cup.

Keeping the coffee area free from coffee and milk spills is the hallmark of a skilled craftsman.