Blind rubber Filter 50mm

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Fits : 51mm | 53mm | 54mm | 57mm | 58mm

Rubber blind filter  - For domestic and commercial coffee machines

Rubber blind Filter  - 50mm for any domestic or commercial coffee machines.

Fits any machine with a portafilter that houses  a 3 way solenoid valve in the grouphead or off the boiler.
Simply insert this rubber blind filter into your portafilter basket . ..add tablet or powder. It will clean both coffee machine and coffee group.

This rubber blind filter prevents the cleaning agent from escaping.
When you turn off the cleaning cycle - a vacuum causes the cleaning agent and bitter coffee residue to be to be expelled through the solenoid, which cleanses the coffee group.

57mm portafilters
58mm portafilters - most 58mm baskets -
⚠️may not fit baskets with hole area greater than 50mm
51mm LaPavoni lever made after 2000
49mm LaPavoni lever made after 2000 - (you will have to cut a little of the rubber in order to fit.)

Wont fit:

  • Ims competition baskets
  • E&B competition baskets
  • Baristapro competition baskets
  • VST competition baskets
  • Filter baskets with hole area greater than 50mm

Includes vat

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Does not work

The silicone from which the product is made is very thin and easily deforms. It does not stay leveled and therefore does not stick to the bottom of the basket, which causes the water to run out of the basket. It is absolutely useless to perform a backflush with just water. The situation is slightly better with cleaning powder, the powder weighs down the silicone a little bit and there is a small chance that it will clog the holes. But that's maybe in 2-3 cases out of 10. Generally, I do not recommend the product, it does not fulfill its role.

Jacek | Poland | April 2022

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