Why a Bottomless Naked coffee Portafilter?

Why a Bottomless Naked coffee Portafilter?


  1. Espresso Extraction Trouble Shooting. Bottomless naked coffee portafilters allow the barista to instantly deduce if a  proper tamping technique has been used. If the pour is only coming out of one spout, an improper angle was used when tamping,incorrect amount of coffee, or it was tamped unevenly.
  2. Consistency. With the ability to trouble shoot espresso shots ,gives you that much needed edge over the competition.
  3. Crema. In the hands of an experienced barista with fresh espresso beans, a bottomless portafilter will yield 50% or more of Crema. Why? Well the answer is simple. Your espresso shot will come in contact with no other surface than the bottom of you portafilter basket. No portafilter bottoms and no spouts. This keeps the tiny Crema bubbles we all look for in a perfect shot intact and unharmed. Furthermore the lack of a spout will give the user more cup clearance and allows espresso extraction directly into the cup for serving in most cases. Of course in most cases for to go cups larger than 12oz, brew vessels of some kind will still need to be used.
  4. Taste. More Crema means more flavor. As it is easier to clean there will be less contamination from dirty spouts and  dirty portafilter. And if there is a build up of coffee oils on the bottom of the portafilter basket – it can easily be spotted and cleaned.
  5. Training. For all the reasons above Naked Portafilters have become a valuable tool for espresso training. Novice Barista and pros alike can now instantly and visibly determine if the grind, dosing and/or technique is on or off. 

Trouble shooting naked portafilters


Problem:Coffee spray- When extracting, coffee sprays all over.
This makes an unholy mess.
Solution: Best cured with even tamping – make sure when tamping that the tamper is at 90 degree angle to the filter basket and correct and even pressure is applied to the tamping.Tampers with 58.5mm are ideal for this as they prevent uneven tamping.
Poor grind may also the the cause of spray, so make sure that grind is fine. 

Problem: Channelling. Water runs too quickly through some parts of the puck and will struggle to run through others. And this can result in spray or coffee running down the portafilter handle. In a spouted portafilter, you can’t see it happening – but in a naked one, there’s nothing to stop it from spraying all over your machine and workspace.​​​​​​​
Solution: Make sure tamping was at  90 degree angle to the filter basket​​​​​​​.
Adjust grind to make finer . Check time – should take approx ( depending of coffee) 18-23 sec for 14g to fill 60 ml. If comming out fast adjust the grind.

Problem:Lack of coffee cream
Grind may not be fine enough, not enough coffee in the portailter basket or tamp pressure was too light. Usually its a combination of grind and quantity of coffee.