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Portafilter wall rack 51mm
La Pavoni lever |Sage | Breville | ​​​​​​​Delonghi
IMS Competition Breville sage filter basket
9grams |18grams | 22grams | 53mm tamper
Breville sage filter basket
18grams | 22grams | 53mm tamper
IMS BV200IM shower screen
Sage/ Breville: ​​​​​​Duo temp pro |Barista Express |Barista Pro
Coffee dosing funnel Magnetic 53mm
Breville /Sage| Lelit | Ascaso | Izzo |San Marco | 53mm - 57mm baskets
Joe Frex - adjustable level palm tamper 53mm
Estro, Faema Family, La Pavoni Lusso, Pisa, Si, La Spaziale, Mypressi Twist,Saeco,Solis| Sage | Breville
Motta Easy Tamper
Choose: 58mm | 57mm | 53mm
Motta adjustable leveller 53mm
Estro, Faema Family,  La Pavoni Lusso, Pisa, Si, La Spaziale, Mypressi Twist,Saeco,Solis
Beechwood  coffee Tamper 53mm
Red|Black|Maple or Walnut
Breville sage naked portafilter 54mm
Basket can be purchased separately
Breville sage naked portafilter wood  54mm
Solid rosewood handle |Basket can be purchased separately
Crowbar filter basket remover
Mini crow bar to remove filter basket for daily cleaning
Filter basket spring 1mm
most 57mm baskets | Holds filter basket in place
Milk jug pitcher 350ml
💰 Save 30% - while stock lasts | 1-2 cup |Home milk jug
Mini aluminium key chain clip
Ideal for clipping coffee tools to: Key ring | Apron| Belt
Tamper mat and tamper stand
💰Save 30% | Portafilter tamping rest | Tamper holder