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Premium-Quality Coffee Brushes for Barista

Maintaining the highest standards of hygiene in the barista's workplace is crucial for achieving top results. Even the most minor residual coffee deposits can affect the taste of freshly brewed coffee and the establishment profit, which is why deep cleaning is an essential part of a daily routine. So forget about the complexities of service and take care of preserving the superior taste of your espresso, providing your coffee equipment with the best coffee brushes from the world's best manufacturers of barista accessories and tools!

Blue Star Coffee offers the most all-inclusive range of original coffee machine cleaning brushes made from superior natural and synthetic materials that are great at eliminating the chaos in the workspace. We offer extra-long piping & steam wands brushes, curved and circular coffee brushes for group heads, narrow and wide grounds brushes and a series of other coffee machine brushes for sale. In our catalogue, you will find everything you need to improve the equipment cleaning and dramatically prolong your coffee machine lifespan!

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Grinder slim grounds brush Joe Frex
Keep coffee grinder area clean
Walnut coffee grinds brush
Walnut grinder grounds brush with leather tong
Grinder grinds brush Red
Keep coffee grinder area clean
Grinder grounds brush Joe Frex
Keep coffee grinder area clean
Walnut group head brush
Walnut coffee group brush with leather tong
Cremapro group head cleaning brush
💰From €2.99 | Longer group brush - no burnt fingers
Group head Aluminium brush
Long group brush - no burnt fingers
Group head Aluminium brush head x 2
Replacement head for aluminium brush
Group head cleaning nylon brush
**From 1.50** - Ideal for Home | Commercial machines
Joe Frex circular Group Head Brush  Large  58mm
Groups that use 58mm tampers
Joe Frex circular Group Head Brush Medium 55mm
Groups that use 57mm tampers
Joe Frex group head nylon brush
protects hands while cleaning group
Group head Steaming brush new
Deep cleans: Shower screen | Group | Gasket | Baskets | Milk Jug | Coffee spout | Steam wand and more
Easy clean  filter basket brush
Keeps your filter basket clean | Quicker than a cloth
Milk hose  brush 6mm  x 190mm
Cleans steel straw | silicon hose | Steam wand
Steam wand brush set
Clean steam wand holes| Auto frother cleaner
Brass grinder teeth brush
Keep blades sharp and free from oils

Top Coffee Brushes for Coffee Machine Cleaning

Proper care during the timely maintenance of coffee equipment is a vital step on the way to authentic espresso, allowing you to ensure consistency & high-quality results, preventing breakage of the coffee maker. The more carefully the baristas monitor their working tools and accessories, the longer supplies will last and retain their functional properties. In this case, specialised coffee brushes are indispensable for deep cleaning, allowing you to gently remove residues of coffee oils and deposits even in hard-to-reach places.

Whether you use a home coffee machine or a commercial coffee maker, your equipment is subjected to many loads every day. Over time, the surface becomes dirty from excess coffee deposits that baristas cannot remove with water and household cleaners. The use of professional coffee machine cleaning brushes dramatically simplifies this task, quickly penetrating through finely dispersed shower screens and baskets inside the pipelines and mechanisms of the head group. As a result, the accessory perfectly copes with cleaning any surfaces and, simultaneously, preserves the integrity of the coating. Utilise a premium coffee machine brush once, and you won’t be able to imagine proper maintenance without it!


Choosing a Perfect Barista Coffee Brush

Choosing the perfect coffee brush is like finding the best coffee variety – it's completely subjective and depends on the barista's purposes. For some, one standard accessory is enough, which is an economical and multi-purpose tool. However, many experts point out that several coffee brushes of various shapes and sizes are more practical for professional use. So, which coffee machine brush is the best and how to choose the one?


Grinder Grounds Coffee Brushes

These are the most common type of coffee machine cleaning accessories. Convenient shape and small size allow baristas to use them for cleaning coffee grinder mechanisms and portafilters from coffee particles before and after coffee preparation. Coffee grinder brush from natural soft boar fur gently removes residues of ground coffee from the work surface and grinder coffee, covering all crannies and nooks. Coffee brushes with PVC bristles are better suited for wet coarse particles remaining in the portafilter basket after coffee extraction, but this tool wears out faster


Head Group Coffee Brushes 

Head group coffee machine brushes with nylon bristles have a small diameter and a curved handle that protects the barista's hands, which is convenient for cleaning coffee equipment immediately after use. In addition, some coffee machine cleaning brushes have demountable aluminium bodies. As a result, baristas can easily install an exchangeable coffee brush if needed to adjust the diameter and improve cleaning. Moreover, all presented head group coffee brushes have a particular design and an elongated shape that protect baristas from scalding boiling water.


Coffee Brushes for Steam Wands

Coffee machine cleaning brushes for milk hoses and steam wands have a specialised shape with an elongated cleaning surface that allows deep penetration into pipelines. Heat-resistant coffee brushes with stiff bristles do an excellent job of removing organic residues and are indispensable for decalcification with descalers. Rounded tips minimise the risk of damage to surfaces from the inside and are suitable for even smaller steam wands from home espresso makers.

The application scope of coffee machine cleaning brushes is extensive and covers all the needs of coffee professionals, so it isn't easy to choose a specific product. The various shapes and sizes offer many practical functions and features that cater to the different coffee maker's mechanisms. Perhaps the choice of several products, separately for the grinder, pipelines, and head group, is more optimal and profitable. The investment in searching and buying the right coffee brush usually pays off in no time, making the process of cleaning your equipment easy and much more convenient!


Buy Premium Coffee Brushes at Blue Star Coffee

As an experienced and reliable supplier of professional coffee equipment, Blue Star Coffee understands the importance of proper care and maintenance of coffee makers & accessories. That is why we pay special attention to additional tools that can significantly extend the lifespan of any coffee machine and provide baristas with all the necessary products to maintain and clean their working tools. By purchasing coffee brushes presented in the Blue Star Coffee catalogue, you can reap a lot of benefits and advantages available to each of our clients:


  • We offer an extensive range of coffee machine cleaning brushes. Opting for Blue Star Coffee, you can find all the barista tools and accessories you need in one place. We stock extra-long pipes & steam wands, circular coffee brushes for group heads, thin curved brushes, and even a variety of coffee grinder brushes so that you take care of every single mechanism of your coffee machine.

  • We supply original products of the best quality. We have collected bestsellers from the leading manufacturers of barista accessories. Using the original coffee brush, you can be sure that it will thoroughly clean the surfaces of your coffee equipment, preserving the integrity of the coating.

  • We provide affordable pricing and fast delivery. The speed of the coffee accessories delivery is especially crucial for high-traffic coffee shops and bars as it affects the quality of work and service. That is why Blue Star Coffee provides convenient payment methods and fast delivery of coffee brushes nationwide and worldwide.

  • We stand for customer-oriented service and outstanding assistance. The choice of some barista accessories depends on the type and size of the equipment used. You can always seek support from Blue Star Coffee specialists to get competent advice on finding the perfect coffee brush.


We also encourage customers to explore a range of the best coffee machine cleaning products that will improve the efficiency of coffee brushes and extend the life of consumables and accessories. Take full advantage of professional coffee machine products to get consistently high-quality espresso from cup to cup!

Coffee brush's are an essential ingredient in any coffee environment.

Cleaning the coffee group, removes spent coffee coffee grounds from the group gasket.This is done typically before the backflushing of the coffee group. This is important as neglecting this, causes a build up of coffee grounds in the group gasket which allows coffee to escape during extraction, reducing the much coveted espresso cream. Group cleaning brushes are best replaced every 2-3 months as they will loose their effectiveness - they become wilted and bent.

Cleaning up the spent grinds after grinding removes the chaos and restores the Zen. Clean coffee area is the hallmark of a skilled craftsman.Coffee grinds tend to attach to the grinder by static and build up around the base 

Cleaning daily in a commercial environment is an important ritual that will all add up to consistent coffee excellence.