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Caffe del Caravaggio Coffee

Searching for the perfect coffee blend is like choosing a good wine, where the origin and flavour of each ingredient are critical. These words represent the slogan of the legendary company Caffe del Caravaggio, inspiring the best specialists and coffee experts to create unique coffee products, world-famous for their unrivalled aroma and taste characteristics. Blue Star Coffee has made sure that each of our customers can join the aesthetics of coffee magic and experience the full range of unique emotions at home or work. Check out the bestsellers from the collection of Caravaggio coffee products in our catalogue and enjoy the best espresso that matches the quality of the drinks brewed by a well-trained barista!

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Caravaggio  500g beans collection
100% pure Arabica coffee -| Save 15% - 5.00€
Caravaggio  Guatemala Antigua 500g beans
100% pure Arabica coffee | Smooth mix of sweetness and acidity, hint of cocoa with a spicy aroma.
Caravaggio  Vellutato  ESE 7g pods
100% pure Arabica coffee | 7 grams | 44mm
Caravaggio  Vigoroso  500g beans
100% pure Arabica coffee | Smooth full-bodied aftertaste with hints of toasted bread.
Caravaggio Cappuccino gift box
2 x Cappuccino cup/Saucer and spoons
Caravaggio Espresso gift box
2 x Espresso cup/Saucer and spoons
Caravaggio Nicaragua 500g beans
100% pure Arabica coffee | Fairtrade | Organic
Caravaggio Organic Decaf ESE 7g pods
100% Organic Arabica coffee | 7 grams | 44mm
Caravaggio Espresso spoons x 1
Won't break the cream when you stir

Caffe del Caravaggio Coffee Products

The entire collection of Caffe del Caravaggio coffee products represents a unique selection created from the best varieties of first-class Caravaggio Arabica. The masters carefully hid 7 grams of natural coffee, which they had previously roasted, ground & thoroughly tamped, inside the small pod. A slightly sour, delicate crema and a fantastic aftertaste without third-party additives and flavours are the distinguishing features of caffè Caravaggio, collected in the highlands of Ethiopia, Guatemala and Central America. It is a taste of a masterpiece that anyone can reproduce by placing the Caravaggio Arabica pod inside a home or professional coffee machine.

It is not enough to provide high-quality raw coffee materials as they can suffer during transportation and improper storage. Still, it is critical to ensure that the excellent taste is consistent from cup to cup. Therefore, consistency is the main secret of Caffe del Caravaggio's worldwide popularity for many years. Caravaggio coffee products are made using an innovative technology that allows experts to seal a shot of espresso inside an airtight and controlled environment that maintains quality and freshness right through to coffee preparation.

Premium 100% Arabica Caravaggio Coffee

Unlike coffee beans and freshly ground coffee products in separate packages, Caffe Caravaggio pods are ready-to-use portions that don’t need additional processing, tamping or measuring. Take one or two bags, place them in the portafilter and pour hot water. The coffee puck will do most of the barista's job, saving you plenty of time. You won't experience any problems with incorrect roasting or grind selection as the experts at Caffe del Caravaggio make sure you get the perfect espresso from cup to cup.

Moreover, each Caravaggio Arabica pod's standardised size allows baristas to use it with super-automatic coffee equipment and a lever espresso machine. It is incredibly convenient for use in coffee shops and establishments with a large flow of customers and at home if expensive coffee machinery, tools & accessories are not available. The drinks created with Caravaggio coffee pods have the same taste as espresso brewed by a professional barista. The capsule contains 100% organic Arabica, thoroughly prepared and packed immediately after grinding.

Advantages of Caffe Caravaggio Products

Although ready-to-brew coffee pods come as one of the most popular and convenient coffee products, some coffee enthusiasts prefer the classic coffee brewing algorithm because of its simplicity. Nevertheless, the benefits of using Caffe del Caravaggio coffee products are apparent and can significantly facilitate everyday life with:

  • Excellent taste. The process of brewing espresso with caffè Caravaggio takes just a few minutes, providing every coffee lover with a premium drink r4egardless of the equipment used.

  • Great savings. You do not have to purchase a suitable grinder, specialised containers for storing coffee products, and additional accessories. The taste of Caravaggio coffee is similar to drinks from expensive coffee houses, but you don't need professional help for coffee preparation.

  • Compactness and ergonomics. Having a variety of professional barista accessories is an indicator of a big budget and an opportunity to provide ample storage space. Caffe del Caravaggio relieves all coffee lovers of this problem, allowing them to use a small capsule coffee machine that takes up little space.

  • Long-term storage. High-quality coffee products are more demanding in terms of storage conditions. Hermetically sealed Caravaggio Arabica pods retain all their beneficial properties and nutrients inside their original packaging with no additional requirements.

  • Clean space. Take out the used coffee pod and place it in the coffee waste container – all raw materials will remain inside the paper bag, and the surfaces will be clean.

  • Exact dosage. Even 0.1 gram of ground coffee product can affect the taste of the beverage, and improper tamping can lead to excessive channelling and poor drink consistency. Caravaggio coffee relieves baristas of these problems. It contains the ideal portion of espresso inside, which does not require tamping and compaction.

Thus, Caffe del Caravaggio products are the most practical and profitable solution if you want to get the best espresso drink with no barista tools needed to brew it. Moreover, the assortment of caffè Caravaggio coffee products and gifts allows you to choose the taste of your next cup of coffee with no need to worry about coffee beans and ground coffee storage.

Caravaggio Coffee Pods vs Regular Grinding Coffee

The thing is that coffee Caravaggio in pods doesn't differ from regular grinding coffee. The preparation of ready-made coffee is the same as the preparation of regular coffee raw materials. The critical difference is that manufacturers use specialised pods packaging technology to extend the shelf life of Caravaggio Arabica coffee, its unique properties, and its flavour characteristics. There aren't any preservatives or taste enhancers as the hermetic pods are entirely resistant to harmful environmental factors without additives or impurities! The Caffè Caravaggio range boasts innovative products that aim to help you enjoy the perfect coffee that stands out!

Original Caffe del Caravaggio Coffee for Sale

As an experienced and reliable supplier of premium coffee products and equipment, Blue Star Coffee covers all the needs of the coffee business, coffee lovers and experts. We offer original Caffe del Caravaggio products exclusively, guaranteeing the highest quality of every package, which our experts deliver throughout the UK and worldwide in no time. Moreover, we have expanded our assortment with designer gift sets to help you create an elite coffee shop atmosphere. Treat yourself, your family and your customers with the best espresso and coffee drinks that will become your business card. Forget the hassle of grinding & brewing – spend precious time with close friends, as brewing Caravaggio coffee takes just a few minutes, guaranteeing a fantastic taste and aroma for every cup!