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Coffee Containers for Coffee Storage

Both coffee fans and professionals in the coffee making industry are sure that special storage containers for coffee come as multifunctional tools that help prolong the coffee beans' freshness, being also an essential part of the decor. Although the shelf life of coffee products is quite long, they can also deteriorate over time, losing flavour and nutrients. Browse our catalogue of coffee canisters and provide a perfect freshly brewed coffee to your family, friends, and customers using our professional coffee containers for proper coffee storage!


High-quality coffee storage containers from Blue Star Coffee are made from premium materials using innovative technologies. We offer a comprehensive collection of coffee accessories & products for every taste. You can find coffee storage canisters of various sizes and colours, as well as gift sets for true coffee lovers. Check out the collection of original vacuum-sealed containers for coffee storage right now!

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Airscape container black 1800 ml Large
500g | Fresh coffee = more coffee cream | Inc free tote bag
Airscape container black 850 ml Medium
250g | Fresh coffee = more coffee cream | Inc free tote bag
Airscape container Mocha 850 ml Medium
250g | Fresh coffee = more coffee cream | Inc free tote bag
Airscape container silver 850 ml Medium
250g | Fresh coffee = more coffee cream | Inc free tote bag
Airscape internal plunger  lid
Airscape genuine accessories
Airscape top glass lid
Airscape genuine accessories
Coffee Vac  amber 250g 500g  set
Fresh coffee = more coffee cream
Coffee Vac 500g Cremoso 250g
Fresh coffee = more coffee cream
Coffee Vac amber  container  500g
Fresh coffee = more coffee cream
Coffee Vac amber 250g
Fresh coffee = more coffee cream
Coffee Vac Black 250g
Coffee Vac Black 500g
Fresh coffee = more coffee cream
Joe Frex Coffee bag clip  and spoon
Keeps coffee fresh
Joe Frex Coffee bag clip x 1
Keeps coffee fresh | From €2.49

Premium Airtight Coffee Containers for Sale

Professional containers for coffee are specialised coffee canisters made of high-quality materials. Thanks to unique properties and several protective layers, such coffee storage canisters do an excellent job of isolating coffee products from most harmful factors, maintaining the ideal quality and taste of coffee beans and freshly ground coffee. The containers for coffee storage provide reliable protection against moisture, heat, and UV penetration, allowing the coffee products to extend unique taste, colour, and aroma.

Of course, professionals and gourmets prefer to use coffee immediately after grinding. It is an excellent option for businesses or those who have free time to prepare each coffee cup from scratch. However, coffee containers are vital for the coffee beans and the storage of ground coffee made in coffee shops and transported in sealed containers. Check out Blue Star Coffee's offerings, which our experts have carefully selected from many world's hits. We offer premium-quality accessories, tools, and airtight containers for coffee beans so that you can seamlessly keep your coffee products fresh and delicious!


Best Portable Containers for Coffee

Before examining the product range, it is worth figuring out why coffee products can spoil over time. It helps formulate requirements for a future purchase and gain knowledge about the selection criteria. The longer coffee beans are stored, the less taste and colour they can give when preparing drinks. Airtight coffee containers can minimise the loss of quality and reduce the cost of purchasing expensive coffee products, respectively.

  • Freshness-destroying air. Degassing in coffee beans occurs naturally over time, and coffee products can completely lose taste during a year of storage. In an open package with ground coffee, the aroma wears off after a week.

  • UV light. Coffee products quickly lose colour and strength under the influence of direct rays of the sun. Plus, it promotes the loss of beneficial antioxidants.

  • Heat and moisture. Leave freshly ground coffee in a humid and warm room, and you will be unpleasantly surprised by the distorted taste of the brewed drinks. 

Thus, the best place for storing coffee is a dark and cool environment. And the use of high-quality coffee containers can protect the product from ultraviolet radiation, moisture, and freshness-destroying oxygen. Think ahead of where you plan to use coffee storage canisters to find the perfect solution for your individual needs. For example, airtight coffee containers can preserve the quality of coffee products, creating protection from moisture, but you should minimise the effect of heat.


Top Coffee Canisters from Blue Star Coffee

Some coffee packaging does an excellent job of preserving the product under vacuum and thick foil layers. Nevertheless, damages and opening of the package lead to the loss of most of the beneficial coffee properties, which is critical for large volumes of coffee products. Containers for coffee beans provide complete airtightness and protection against many environmental factors. The modern market offers various coffee canisters of different capacities and shapes, made from multiple materials. It is essential to grasp the features of the most popular products to simplify the further search.

  • Glass coffee containers are practical and convenient. They are ideal for storing coffee beans and ground coffee, allowing you to enjoy the look of your coffee products. However, the glass does not provide UV protection at all.

  • Ceramic containers for coffee are suitable for the home, offering a variety of designs. Professionals don't recommend using ceramic products for the coffee shop or bar due to their fragility and increased odour absorption. Thus, baristas cannot use such coffee canisters for different coffee varieties.

  • Wooden coffee containers are not practical because they leak moisture and do not provide sufficient airtightness. Although they come in handy for weekend travelling, wooden containers for coffee are not suitable for long-term coffee storage.

  • Metal containers for coffee made of high-quality stainless steel and alloys look stylish and perfectly preserve the taste of coffee beans. Besides, premium products are equipped with a sealed lid and extra protection.

  • Polypropylene coffee containers aim to prevent your coffee beans from oxidizing and losing that vital coffee cream. Thanks to a tight lid, such coffee canisters make your coffee entirely vacuum-sealed.

Coffee containers with a vacuum pump are the best storage tool that provides complete isolation from the air and the external environment. Such canisters usually have a built-in mechanism to create a vacuum inside. However, the solution is not suitable for high-traffic establishments where baristas need to open containers for coffee several times per hour. Also, pay attention to the capacity of portable coffee containers, depending on the number of coffee products consumed and their shape.

Coffee beans take up much space, especially if you plan to store them in a coffee shop or restaurant. 850 ml or more containers for coffee are ideal for commercial use. Ground coffee is more compact but more demanding on storage conditions. 250-500 ml vacuum-sealed containers for coffee will extend the shelf life of ground products. Blue Star Coffee has covered as many coffee lovers' needs as possible, so here you will find everything you need to grow your coffee business and enjoy perfect coffee at home or work.


Buy Portable Coffee Containers Online

Specialised metal or polypropylene containers for coffee are the most practical choice among the many alternatives. These airtight coffee containers will ensure comfortable coffee storage, preventing coffee from accumulating at the bottom. Remember to store coffee separately from other foods. Containers for sugar, tea, and spices aren't suitable as most of them fail to be completely sealed and protected from moisture. Buying professional coffee containers is the best solution that will pay off quickly and provide you with perfect coffee from cup to cup.


Blue Star Coffee also offers gift sets and barista accessories to make coffee preparation more enjoyable throughout all stages of creation. High-quality coffee storage containers from leading manufacturers not only can highlight your interior but also become your valuable tool for achieving delicious espresso. As a leading supplier of coffee equipment, coffee products, and barista accessories & tools, we stock a diversity of premium coffee canisters for proper coffee storage and provide reasonable pricing in combination with exceptional customer service!