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Premium Coffee Knock Boxes

The barista accessories range is wide and varied, covering all professional needs to create a first-class espresso. High-quality coffee is sensitive to detail, and therefore requires specialised skills and tools from industry experts. Together with the basic set for brewing drinks and coffee machines maintenance, baristas also need to have many additional accessories – tampers, milk jugs, and, of course, coffee knock boxes.

Blue Star Coffee is your one-stop solution where you can find original toolkits and high-quality barista accessories that will make the espresso-making process quick and straightforward. We offer a fantastic collection of premium coffee knock boxes in various sizes and shapes, so you can easily choose the perfect solution for your bar, coffee shop, home, or professional kitchen!

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Crema pro knockbox Black
Silent and wont move
Motta knock box
💰Save 10€ | Mirror polished stainless steel + non-slip rubber base.
Crema pro knockbox Black tall
Tall | Rubber grip on base
Joe Frex Basic knockbox Black
Tough, silent and won't move.
Joe Frex Basic knockbox grey
Tough, silent and won't move.
Joe Frex Basic knockbox red
Tough, silent and won't move
Small  knockbox Black
💰Save 15% | Short box | Rubber grip on base
Joe Frex Knockbox black
Birchwood with natural grain
Joe Frex Knockbox brown
Birchwood with natural grain
Joe Frex Knockbox metal
Stainless steel
Joe Frex Knockbox steel
Birchwood with removable stainless steel box
Grounds Cub knock out  drawer 14cm
14 cm wide for Eureka |Ascaso | Isomac| Demoka
Grounds Cub knock out  drawer black 14cm
14 cm wide for Eureka |Ascaso | Isomac| Demoka
Pro Cub Knock out drawer walnut  blk 14cm
14 cm wide for Eureka |Ascaso | Isomac| Demoka
Pro Cub Knock out drawer walnut 14cm
14 cm wide for Eureka |Ascaso | Isomac| Demoka
Pro Cub Knock out drawer White 14cm
14 cm wide for Eureka |Ascaso | Isomac| Demoka
Grounds control knock out  drawer walnut 21cm
21cm Narrow commercial or home knock drawer
Mini Espresso Knock out drawer 20cm
20 cm wide - prefect for wider grinders and some home machines.
Mini Espresso Knock out drawer black 20cm
20 cm wide fits under Gaggia classic
Mini Mirror Knock out drawer 20cm
20 cm wide - prefect for wider grinders and some home machines.
Pro Cub Knock out drawer walnut  blk 20cm
💰Save 10€ | 20 cm wide - prefect for wider home grinders
Crema Pro coffee knock tube
Waist height | Commercial | High capacity | Free cloth
Edo counter coffee chute
Commercial counter sunk coffee waste knock box
EDO counter top knock box
💰Save 15% | Easy Clean| Robust |Perfect for small cafe
Grounds breaker knock out  drawer 26cm
26 cm wide - prefect for wider commercial grinders
Grounds control knock out  drawer 28cm
28 cm wide - prefect for wider commercial grinders
Knockout  box Drawer Silent delux 24cm
Probably the best built commercial knock box available. 
Under Grinder Knockout Drawer 24cm
Commercial knock box drawer
Under Grinder Knockout Drawer black 24cm
Commercial knock box drawer
Grinder grinds brush Red
Keep coffee grinder area clean
Grinder grounds brush Joe Frex
Keep coffee grinder area clean
Grinder slim grounds brush Joe Frex
Keep coffee grinder area clean
TRUKJ knock drawer cover 
Fits over existing knock bar for noise reduction and cushioning

Best Coffee Knock Boxes for Sale

The professional barista's work set contains many tools without which creating the perfect coffee would be impossible. All these accessories and consumables perfectly complement each other, greatly simplifying specialists' work and helping them save time. The coffee knockbox is one of the indispensable barista accessories. It is a specialised container designed to collect waste coffee materials for further disposal and maintain order in the working area.

The variety of up-to-date coffee knock boxes is conditioned by individual baristas' needs and accessory operation conditions. These tools differ in the material of manufacture, size, shape, and functionality. The extensive Blue Star Coffee collection brings them together, offering our customers a comprehensive range of top-quality knock boxes espresso from the world's leading manufacturers. Choose the perfect option for your coffee shop, and we'll deliver the order quickly to your door across Ireland, the United Kingdom, and worldwide!

What is a Coffee Knock Box?

The knock box for coffee is a container made of high-quality materials. It was designed to knock coffee materials used out of the portafilter and keep coffee waste from moisture and the spread of harmful microorganisms. Despite the variety of accessories, they have the same design – a box with rubberised edges and a crossbar.

Open coffee knock boxes are small buckets that take up little space and do a great job collecting coffee pucks at home or in the office. There are also more massive containers for use in coffee shops and high-traffic areas. The coffee knock box drawer holds much more used materials and has breathing holes to wick moisture away. In any case, the coffee waste stored inside the knock boxes remains dry, making it suitable for later use as compost for home and garden plants.

Types of Coffee Knock Boxes

While there is a vivid variety of coffee knock boxes, a wide rubberised crossbar is a standard option for all containers. This shock-absorbing barrier protects holders from mechanical damage & scratches and minimises noise generated during the cleaning process. Most premium espresso knock boxes also have a rubberised bottom to prevent accidental container slipping while cleaning the portafilter. Choosing an espresso coffee knock box, it makes sense to pay attention to the material from which the accessory is made:

  • Metal. Stainless steel coffee knock boxes are typically larger and heavier, which gives them better stability. Such containers are strong, wear-resistant, and durable. Their crossbars are also made of metal, covered with a thick layer of rubber. This detail is attached to the base with large bolts, allowing baristas to make replacement or disassembly for more comfortable container cleaning.

  • Plastic. Espresso plastic knock boxes are usually small and suitable for home use. Low cost & weight are the main advantages of choosing this type of coffee knock boxes. Besides, you can also clean the plastic coffee knockbox effortlessly with a dishwasher.

  • Wood. Although coffee knock boxes made of wood entirely look incredible, professional baristas rarely use them. The complexity of automatic cleaning does not compensate for the ease of use. However, a timber case or decorative element for a plastic or metal coffee knock box drawer is an excellent solution for a coffee expert's collection.

How to Use Coffee Knock Box?

The name of the container for collecting used coffee pucks determines the way it is usually used. Bring the filled portafilter to the edge of the basket or crossbar, turn it over, and tap to pour the coffee into the box. Right coffee knock boxes are usually rubberised, so the cleaning process will not damage the holder's surface. If necessary, you can also use specialised coffee grinds brushes to perform more thorough portafilters & coffee knockboxes cleaning.

Manufacturers of professional coffee knock boxes, intended for use in bars and coffee shops, take care of their design to the last detail. Thus, impeccable quality, convenience, and ergonomics characterise premium containers and accessories. When you use a coffee knock box drawer, you are guaranteed to experience fast cleaning and impressive basket durability with the ability to replace structural parts in case of breakage or wear & tear.

Choose Top Knock Box for Coffee

The coffee knockbox is an optional accessory for non-commercial use and a must-have tool for professional kitchens, bars, and coffee shops. That is why baristas and coffee experts usually pay maximum attention when choosing this device. Specialists and well-experienced pros know that the following points matter when looking for the perfect coffee knock box:

  • Ergonomics – daily use requires maximum comfort from the coffee knockbox since the barista work speed and quality depend on it. A small basket without a rubberised crossbar is unlikely to satisfy a professional who prepares more than 100 cups of espresso daily.

  • Product material & quality – frequent stress and risks of mechanical damage are everyday options in professional coffee knock boxes, so look for accessories that withstand as much impact as possible and can be easily cleaned after use.

  • Replacement parts – even the most wear-resistant knock boxes espresso can lose performance, so make sure you can change the crossbar, sliders, and rubber top pads at any time.

The wide product range of Blue Star Coffee is a unique coffee space where you can find all demanded to create the perfect Italian espresso and coffee cocktails. Here we present the best coffee knock boxes from top manufacturers – Motta, Joe Frex, Stella Azura, and other famous brands. You will also find the best accessories, barista tools, and consumables for De'Longhi, Gaggia, Lelit, La Pavoni, Ascaso, and other excellent coffee machines in our catalogue. Competitive prices, original quality, and convenient terms of delivery & payment are attached to each coffee knockbox, complementing the extensive collection of all kinds of containers and coffee baskets.

Buy Coffee Knock Boxes Online

The espresso coffee knock box is an excellent addition to any espresso user. After you make an espresso, you have to get rid of the coffee puck and no better place than a knockout drawer. The knockout drawer fits under the coffee grinder; just pull out the knock-out drawer and bang out the portafilter; the coffee puck will fall out into the drawer.

A good coffee knockout drawer will have a breathing hole for the coffee to keep dry. Moreover, they let the coffee steam dissipate and thereby keeping the drawer free from mildew. A better knock out drawer will have a gradient, so the coffee will not build up in the front and will continue to fall into the drawer's back.

Additionally, knockout drawers can be emptied back into the original coffee bag and sealed with a hot iron for your customers to bring home as compost. Coffee grounds are perfect for fertiliser and keep slugs of the ground.

  • Knock out boxes are perfect for the home user. Bang out your spent coffee puck into a small slip-free knock box. Empty into the compost bin or burn in the fire.

  • Knock out boxes are ideal if using coffee pods. Home knock boxes are designed to be silent and won't slip when banging the spent coffee puck.

A good coffee knockbox for the home is a cafelat knockbox or concept art basic or wooden knock box.