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Coffee knockbox

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Motta knock box
Joe Frex Basic knockbox Black
Tough, silent and won't move.
Joe Frex Basic knockbox red
Tough, silent and won't move.
Joe Frex Knockbox black
Birchwood with natural grain
Joe Frex Knockbox brown
Birchwood with natural grain
Joe Frex Knockbox metal
Stainless steel
Joe Frex Knockbox steel
Birchwood with natural grain
Crema Pro coffee knock tube
Waist height | Commercial | High capacity
Professional counter coffee chute
Counter sunk coffee waste knock box
Knockout  box Drawer Silent delux
Probably the best built commercial knock box available. 
Under Grinder Knockout Drawer
Premium under grinder knock box
Under Grinder Knockout Drawer black
Premium under grinder knock box
Coffee grinds brush
Keep coffee grinder area clean
Grinder grinds brush Red
Keep coffee grinder area clean
Grinder grounds brush Joe Frex
Keep coffee grinder area clean
Easy clean  filter basket brush
Keep filter basket clean
Mini Espresso Knock out drawer 20cm
20 cm wide - prefect for wider grinders and some home machines.
The Grounds Cub  knock out  drawer 14cm
Slim fit for Eureka Mignon, Ascaso steel or I Mini grinders
The Grounds Cub Mini knock out  drawer black walnut
Neatly fits under the grinder
Espresso coffee knock box are a great addition to any espresso user. 

After you make an espresso you have to get rid of the coffee puck and no better place than a knockout drawer.
The knockout drawer fits under the cofffee grinder, just pull out the knock out drawer and bang out the portafilter, coffee puck will fall out into the drawer.
A good coffee knockout drawer will have breathing hole for the coffee to keep dry. They let the coffee steam dissipate and thereby keeping the drawer free from mildew. A better knock out drawer will have a gradient so the coffee will not build up in the front and will continue to fall into the back of the drawer.
Knockout drawers can be emptied back into the original coffee bag and sealed with a hot iron for your customers to bring home as compost.Coffee grounds are perfect for fertilizer and keep slugs of the ground.

Knock out boxes are perfect for the home user.
Bang out your spent coffee puck into a small slip free knock box. Empty into compost bin or burn in the fire. 
Knock out boxes are ideal if using coffee pods.
Home knock boxes are designed to be silent and wont slip when banging the spent coffee puck.
A good coffee knockbox for the home are cafelat knockbox or concept art basic or wooden knock box.