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Best Coffee Beans for Espresso

Are you looking for the best coffee beans to have a genuine coffee experience? Do you want to purchase excellent coffee beans for espresso? Then welcome to Blue Star Coffee! We are a leading supplier of high-end barista tools, original coffee machine parts, and outstanding coffee products & accessories. We stock premium and carefully roasted coffee beans from the most popular brands, and so we guarantee the first-class quality of the products we offer. In addition to flavourful espresso coffee beans, we supply coffee bag clips, measure spoons, and a series of wood and ceramic hand grinders. Take a look at the catalogue and buy coffee beans online now!

Agust Evo single estate coffees

3_Slideshow_2500x1200_eng2AGUST EVO

Caffe Agust were busy during lock down and have developed a range of single estate coffees with estates that they have dealt with over 60 years and know well.

This is their idea of coffee evolution EVO

 EVO is a range from all the knowledge and craftsmanship gained in over 60 years of experience in the sector, as well as all the values that have always distinguished our approach, such as traceability and sustainability, making use of the latest generation technology, which allows us to create precise and constant roasting profiles

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Agust Oro beans
Our best selling coffee | Italian espresso blend
AGUST - Cremoso beans 250g
Italian espresso blend | Creamy | Medium bodied
Agust KaffeQuo beans 250g
Fait trade certified |Italian espresso blend | Creamy |Smooth
Caffe AGUST - Espresso sampler
3 x Espresso blends | - Save 20%
Fair trade pack beans 250g
Fair-trade selection- save 15%
Natura Equa beans 250g
Multi award winning |Zero impact|Organic|Fair Traded|100% Arabica
Agust  Evo Colombia San Cayetano beans 250G
100% Arabica | Single estate | Blackberry - Blueberry - Milk chocolate
Agust Evo Americas sampler  250G
Americas 100% Arabica  Single estate sample Save15%
Agust Evo Brazil Irmãs Pereira beans 250g
100% Arabica | Single estate | Caramel - Honey - Tangerine | Limited availability
Agust Evo Brazil Samambaia beans 250G
100% Arabica | Single estate | Almond - Caramel - Cocoa
Agust Evo El Salvador San Luis  beans 250G
100% Arabica | Single estate | Amaretto - Almond - White chocolate
Agust Evo Ethiopia Hambella beans 250g
100% Arabica | Single estate | Tropical fruit - Strawberry - Apricot
Agust Evo Ethiopia Sidamo beans 250G
100% Arabica | Single estate | Grapefruit - Tangerine - Honey
Agust Evo Indonesia  Batur - beans 250g
100% Arabica | Single estate | Tobacco - Pepper - Nutmeg
Agust Evo Tanzania Ngila beans 250g
100% Arabica | Single estate | Black currant - Blueberry - Blackberry
Caravaggio  500g beans collection
100% pure Arabica coffee -| Save 15% - 5.00€
Caravaggio  Guatemala Antigua 500g beans
100% pure Arabica coffee | Smooth mix of sweetness and acidity, hint of cocoa with a spicy aroma.
Caravaggio  Vigoroso  500g beans
100% pure Arabica coffee | Smooth full-bodied aftertaste with hints of toasted bread.
Caravaggio Nicaragua 500g beans
100% pure Arabica coffee | Fairtrade | Organic
Coffee bag  clip and measure spoon
1 cup measure | Keeps coffee fresh
Hario column wood hand grinder
40 Grams | Quiet | Ceramic conic blades | Plunger/Filter/V60
Hario Mini Slim plus ceramic hand grinder
24 Grams capacity| Quiet |Ceramic blades | Travel
Hario Skerton ceramic hand grinder plus
100 Grams | Quiet | Ceramic blades | Plunger/Filter/V60
Joe Frex Coffee bag clip x 1
Keeps coffee fresh | From €2.49

Premium Espresso Coffee Beans for Sale

No doubt, coffee has gained an important place in our everyday life. We drink coffee in the morning, take a few cups at work or with friends and sometimes delight ourselves with smooth coffee drinks even in the evening. However, to have a perfect cup of favourable coffee, we need high-quality equipment, a suitable coffee brewing method and, of course, premium-quality espresso coffee beans. 

As for the coffee, it all starts with a coffee tree that bears green coffee beans that become whole coffee beans after a thorough roasting. Nevertheless, obtaining the whole beans differs a lot and produces plenty of coffee beans structures and shapes. At Blue Star Coffee, you can find exceptional coffee products from reputable manufacturers like Agust and Cafe Del Caravaggio. All the products listed in this selection are different. So you can choose from a variety of espresso beans flavours and types, from beans with blackberry & blueberry notes to products with a smooth aftertaste of toasted bread.


Coffee Bean Structure and Shape

As it all starts with a coffee plant, it is essential to understand the structure and the shape of the coffee bean that then gets roasted. The coffee tree bears drupes that look like red berries. Each drupe consists of several layers — the berry skin called the exocarp, the pulp, the first coffee bean layer, also known as parchment, and the second one, which is named silver skin. Beneath all these layers, there is the coffee bean itself. Depending on the variety of coffee beans for espresso, we can try several shapes and colours of beans. Thus, Robusta and Arabica coffee beans are relatively dark, having different shapes: Robusta beans are round, while beans associated with Arabica coffee look more oval.


Types of Coffee Beans for Espresso

There are two primary species of coffee popular all over the world. We know them as Arabica and Robusta. In essence, Arabica coffee beans boast a super delicate flavour and low-acid & low-caffeine content. Pure Arabica coffee has a rich aftertaste and serves pleasant fruity notes. Possibly this is the reason for the enhanced popularity of this coffee type as coffee Arabica covers almost 70% of worldwide coffee manufacturing.

Robusta coffee is also in demand. However, it has a more harsh taste and a higher level of caffeine. Additionally, coffee Robusta is a more acidic and bitter option. It is a strong coffee that provides Robusta drinkers with a high energy boost. Moreover, this type of coffee beans for espresso usually grows with less moisture, having a less desirable flavour. That is why Robusta beans are cheaper than Arabica ones.


Different Roast of Coffee Beans

Before the actual grinding for further coffee brewing, espresso coffee beans require a thorough roasting procedure. For successful roasting the dry heat and agitation are necessary. Arabica and Robusta coffee beans have a variety of roasts, and so the beans you can find in shops differ in colour, from golden and brown to dark and even black. These colours of beans can be sorted into three prime roasts: light roast, medium roast and dark roast.

Light Roast

Lightly roasted coffee beans usually boast a super delicate taste, and so the authentic bean flavour leads in the light roast of coffee. Moreover, as far as a light roast doesn't imply intense heat, coffee beans remain dry without the oil extraction. The chief characteristics beans get after this type of roast are bright aroma, light-body, sweetness, fruity & floral notes, and the absence of bitterness. Such beans are also more acidic than ones obtained after other coffee roasts.

Medium Roast

The next roasting type is a medium roast. Medium roasted coffee beans for espresso are usually brown and flavourful and have a dry surface. This type of coffee roast helps to obtain beans with a well-balanced combination of acidity and flavour, and therefore medium roast is preferred on the commercial market of coffee. Additionally, espresso beans roasted medium boast desirable exotic taste, honey or caramel sweetness and a minor but pleasant bitterness. Such roast gives the coffee a delightful aroma, medium body and balanced acidity.

Dark Roast

Dark roasted coffee beans for espresso may have an oily, smoky and even spicy look and feel. The reason for such a unique appearance and taste of the dark roasted beans is a rough roasting method that drives directly to the caramelisation of sugars. What's more about the dark roast, the roasted flavour here is superior to the authentic taste of the coffee bean. That is why beans of lower quality often are processed with dark roast. Nevertheless, dark roasted beans also are recognised worldwide as they possess a rich aroma, earth and woody flavour, mellow acidity, the sweetness of chocolate and enjoyable bitterness.


Buy Coffee Beans Online at Blue Star Coffee

Blue Star Coffee supplies exceptional coffee products to meet your demand, whether you prefer single origins of coffee or well-balanced coffee blends. We stock a gourmet selection of espresso coffee beans, and so even discerning coffee drinkers will find perfect products to serve their morning routine. Creamy and smooth coffees with caramel, honey, tangerine, milk chocolate, apricot, almond, strawberry, black currant, pepper and even tobacco notes are waiting for you in our comprehensive online catalogue. Furthermore, besides premium beans available in a range of coffee roasts, we also provide excellent customer service and transparent pricing. So shop coffee beans right now and enjoy your next cup of freshly roasted coffee!

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