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Coffee cups

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Ascaso Cappuccino Cups
6oz Cappuccino cups x 2
Magicup Barista
Reusable - no more paper cups
Ascaso Espresso gift set
Espresso cup/saucers x 2
Ascaso Love gift set
Espresso cup/saucer x 2
Caravaggio Espresso spoons x2
Won't break the cream when you stir
Agust coffee gift set
12oz coffee Mug
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Commercial Espresso and Cappuccino cups have the best heat retention properties. They are heaver so  the coffee wont loose temperature as they are been heated on the coffee machine.
Caravaggio cups are lighter so even if you use a cold cup it won effect the coffee cream and espresso will still be warm. 
The ascaso cups are a wonferful addition to any coffee machine - rancilio, Lapavoni and Gaggia .