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Premium Espresso Coffee Cups for Sale

Nothing energises better than a cup of aromatic coffee in the morning, especially if you enjoy a traditional coffee shop's atmosphere. One of the main attributes of this is the special containers for serving the drinks. It is noteworthy that high-quality cups for coffee can affect not only the aesthetic perception but also the taste of espresso, revealing the most subtle and delicate shades. That is why experts recommend serving various coffee drinks and cocktails using specialised coffee cups and glasses. 

Blue Star Coffee is an expert in making the best espresso. So we offer the most desirable range of coffee cups for you to find everything you need to serve prepared drinks perfectly while maintaining their excellent taste, colour, and aroma.
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Caravaggio Espresso gift box
2 x Espresso cup/Saucer and spoons
Glass  espresso cup  x 6
6 x Glass espresso/affogato  cup and saucer
Joe Frex Cappuccino cup  x 6
6 x Cappuccino cup/Saucer 7oz
Joe Frex espresso cup x 6
6 x Espresso cup/6 x Saucer
Motta steel espresso cup set
Unbreakable travel cups | 2 x Espresso cup/Saucer
Joe Frex espresso cup tray
Holds Espresso cup and water glass
Caravaggio Espresso spoons x 1
Won't break the cream when you stir
Joefrex Espresso spoon set
6 x Crema friendly espresso spoons
Motta espresso coffee spoon x 6
Perfect for espresso cups
Caravaggio Cappuccino gift box
2 x Cappuccino cup/Saucer and spoons
Glass  cappuccino  cup x 4
4 x Glass cappuccino cup and saucer
Joe Frex  300cl cup x 4
4 x Jumbo 300ml Cappuccino cup/Saucer
Agust Evo  cup x 4
Unique espresso cups or flat white cups
Bodum Steel Travel mug black
Solid well made Keep cup - never use a disposable cup again
Huskee 12oz Cup Natural
Solid well made Keep cup - never use a disposable cup again
Joe Frex latte art gift set
3 x Latte art tools
Motta coffee tasting spoon
Perfect for coffee cupping
Steel straw set
4 stainless steel straws and cleaning brush

Best Cups for Coffee Lovers

When you have to choose coffee cups for the first time, the abundance of sizes, shapes, and colours can be overwhelming, challenging the choice. However, the type of coffee cup can significantly affect the drink's taste. That is why a range of cups helps make the right choice, taking into account the characteristics of the varieties of coffee beans and the amount of space required to reveal their properties. Cups for coffee can be round, cylindrical, or egg-shaped, with a widened or narrowed top. The available variety allows you to select the best option for making your coffee look and feel perfect.

Blue Star Coffee offers a wide selection of cups for coffee lovers. We also supply cup sets and accessories that will bring a little magic to preparing drinks' daily routine. Coffee cups have been around as long as aromatic espresso. Today, dozens of coffee-based drinks and cocktails require serving flavour development, including espresso, cappuccino, latte, and others.

Top Cappuccino and Espresso Coffee Cups

For some reason, tea ceremonies are the most popular cultural delights, but the world of coffee is no less exciting and diverse! One of the features of coffee rituals is serving drinks in cups for coffee, that differ in size, shape, and manufacturing material. They help maintain the required temperature, reveal the whole composition's taste and aroma, and invite coffee lovers to appreciate the beans' original properties.


Demitasses and Italian Coffee Cups for Espresso

Small glass espresso coffee cups with thick walls and short handles are classic espresso, doppio, or lungo options. Some baristas prefer specialised shots as Turkish demitasses. Specialists use them for channelling the base for other drinks and coffee cocktails. These cups for coffee only hold one espresso and preserve the freshly brewed liquid's aroma and flavour. 


Coffee Cups for Cappuccino

Cappuccino and americano are espresso-based beverages that baristas pour into 120-200 ml coffee cups. Containers also leave space in the vessel for adding milk or cream. Coffee cups for cappuccino usually have a tapered bottom and thick walls to keep the beverage warm. There are also many designs for such options, and the choice depends only on individual preferences. However, we recommend clear glass cappuccino coffee cups to let your customers appreciate the drink's colour gradient.


Cocktail Coffee Cups for Latte

Most coffee cocktails using milk and cream have a layered texture. Transparent tall cups for coffee, reminiscent of glasses, emphasise such drinks' beauty and leave space for decor. It is noteworthy that baristas also use these cups with designer spoons that differ in length and have unique shapes. 


Heat Resistant Cups

Many tourists and drivers know that heat-resistant cups for coffee are the best way to keep drinks warm in any weather. The mugs have thicker walls and bottom and a unique lid with a seal, allowing to prolong the coffee freshness. These cups for coffee are convenient to use and can be easily fixed to the car panel, preventing the liquid's spilling. Moreover, it is the perfect solution for those who prefer coffee takeaways. Ask the barista to use your personalised coffee cups. Thus, you will help to preserve the environment, being able to enjoy the original drink state.


Coffee Cups for Home and Office

Captivating coffee cups for 150-220 ml are ideal for home use as they come as a versatile option. However, be guided by the type of beverage you prefer and the preparation method. If you are a fan of espresso, then elegant glass espresso coffee cups are a great solution. Coffee cups for cappuccino are perfect for lovers of drinks with milk. Anyway, the main requirement for the choice is to preserve the warmth and taste of the coffee. You can also look at the best cups for coffee and sets to enjoy your favourite drink with your family and friends.


Key Features of Cups for Espresso Coffee

Espresso is the king of coffee drinks as it is a classic option that lies at the heart of most coffee cocktails. It may be difficult for beginners to distinguish between the characteristics that give porcelain, ceramic, or glass espresso coffee cups. However, professionals are confident that the right coffee cup plays a decisive role in obtaining a flawless result.

Despite its simplicity, the classic egg-shaped shot is excellent for espresso. Crema and texture are the essential standards for the quality, and only specialised coffee cups for espresso can preserve them and fully convey bean taste. The ideal shot volume is 60-65 ml, and the wall density should be to keep the beverage warm before serving. Arabica-based drinks are more delicate and demanding, so narrow and tall cups for espresso coffee are best for preparing them.


Excellent Gifts for Connoisseurs

Italian technology is the benchmark in the world of coffee. If you want to make sure you serve espresso correctly, pay attention to the special espresso coffee cups made from porcelain. Simple shapes and high-quality base distinguish specialised cups from regular options. The white colour enables appreciating the crema shades visually, the miniature handle meets all the requirements of Italian designers, and the elegant saucer complements the composition. Present the professional espresso coffee cups set to coffee lovers, and they will delight you with the best drinks regularly!


Buy Top Coffee Cups & Sets

Premium cups for coffee lovers can significantly improve drinks taste and aroma and create a cosy atmosphere at home, in the office, or a restaurant. Although choosing the right set or cup may seem challenging, you will surely appreciate the benefits of buying coffee cups for espresso or cappuccino further, being surprised by the drinks' luxurious aroma and flavours. In case you need any additional help, feel free to get in touch with our specialists. Blue Star Coffee experts are always happy to help you select the best product. We offer a wide variety of accessories and cups for coffee from leading manufacturers to ensure that every freshly brewed espresso retains its unique flavour!

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Commercial Espresso and Cappuccino cups have the best heat retention properties. They are heaver so  the coffee wont loose temperature as they are been heated on the coffee machine.
Caravaggio cups are lighter so even if you use a cold cup it won effect the coffee cream and espresso will still be warm. 
The ascaso cups are a wonferful addition to any coffee machine - rancilio, Lapavoni and Gaggia .