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Premium Coffee Funnels

Among various barista tools and accessories, products that provide stability and control over the coffee-making process are the most valuable. We can use different types of coffee products & machinery, but adherence to the exact proportions, weight, and timing always remains the same. Help your baristas achieve perfect flavour and crema stability by providing the best coffee shop equipment! Blue Star Coffee simplifies the task dramatically by offering turnkey solutions for a variety of coffee business niches. This section presents a collection of high-quality coffee funnels and dosing cups, among which every specialist can find a suitable product in no time. Stop the workspace mess and start preparing great espresso shots, discovering the many benefits of professional coffee dosing accessories!

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Coffee dosing funnel Magnetic 58mm
Rancilio |​​​​​​​ECM | Rocket |​​​​​​​Nuova Simonelli |​​​​​​​Quick mill ++
Motta coffee dosing cup
Fits 55mm - 58.5mm filter baskets
Motta coffee funnell 40mm
Fits 55.5mm - 58.5mm filter baskets
Motta coffee funnell 60mm
Fits 55.5mm - 58.5mm filter baskets
Portafilter wall rack 58mm
Rancilio |​​​​​​​ECM | Rocket |​​​​​​​​​​​​​Quick mill and more
Coffee dosing funnel  51mm
💰Save 30% | La Pavoni Lever after 2000 |GAGGIA G105/06| Olympia |Delonghi |Bodum Granos
Coffee dosing funnel Magnetic 51mm
La Pavoni Lever after 2000 |GAGGIA G105/06| Olympia |Delonghi |Bodum Granos
Portafilter wall rack 51mm
La Pavoni lever |Sage | Breville | ​​​​​​​Delonghi
Coffee dosing funnel Magnetic 53mm
Breville /Sage| Lelit | Ascaso | Izzo |San Marco | 53mm - 57mm baskets
Easy clean  filter basket brush
Keeps your filter basket clean | Quicker than a cloth
Joefrex Espresso spoon set
6 x Crema friendly espresso spoons
Mini Whisk WDT tool
Helps reduce channeling with naked portafilters
Wooden needle distributer WDT tool
Walnut | Beech | Grained Ash wood

Top-Quality Coffee Funnels for Sale

Consistency is key to creating the perfect espresso shot. The fewer variables affect the drink brewing & preparation, the better the result will be. Contemporary barista accessories and tools make it easy to achieve this goal, avoiding valuable resources wasting. High-quality coffee funnels for use with manual and automated grinders are among the essential companions on the way to your success.

Lightweight and easy-to-use rings and dosing cups give you complete control over the dosage of ground coffee, saving every milligram of product. Moreover, coffee filter funnels help eliminate the mess in the barista's workspace and reduce waste, positively impacting the coffee shop's revenue. Test this professional accessory and discover new horizons for the perfect espresso! Blue Star Coffee will gladly help you with an extensive range of first-class coffee funnels from the world's best manufacturers.

Professional Coffee Dosing Funnels for Baristas

There are two groups that experts distinguish among the many accessories for making coffee – equipment without which it is impossible to prepare a drink and tools that help to improve the taste and simplify the coffee grinding & making processes. The coffee dosing funnel is an additional product, so only professionals and coffee experts know about its benefits & advantages. However, every barista will be able to appreciate the possibilities this accessory has to offer. Who knows, maybe a pour-over coffee funnel is a professional solution, without which you will not be able to imagine your everyday work.

Why Use a Coffee Dosing Funnel?

It is noteworthy that the functionality of coffee funnels significantly exceeds their size. This small accessory is designed to simplify the baristas workflow as much as possible, allowing them to speed up the coffee preparation process. Coffee filter funnels have several specific advantages from which you can get many benefits:

  • Neat coffee preparation. The coffee dosing funnel ensures that the ground coffee goes into the basket completely. This way, you avoid significant losses and can better manage beans consumption.

  • Overdose possibility. Some drinks require a higher amount of coffee products per regular water serving, which is not always possible with classic baskets. The pour-over coffee funnel helps to increase the portafilter capacity to make a saturated espresso slightly.

  • Precise weighing. Even 0.5 grams of coffee can be a decisive factor in espresso flavour. The coffee dosing funnel is an essential accessory for getting the ideal dose weight continuously.

  • The coffee powder does not stick. Properly ground coffee has a wet sand texture and needs to be smoothed for best extraction. Coffee funnels allow shaping the surface of the coffee product to ensure even distribution.

  • Easy to install. Coffee funnel espresso is made of grade metal and can be easily mounted on the portafilter without specialised clamps or fittings. This way, you can customise basket capacity in a few seconds. Plus, some models come with magnets that prevent entirely slipping due to shaking.

  • Weiss distribution method. Use coffee funnels to break up lumps in coffee mass if you practice the Weiss distribution technique – they will significantly reduce spilling risks.

Coffee funnels are lightweight and easy to use. The accessories are suitable both for manual preparation of coffee and as an extra tool for coffee equipment. The unique Blue Star Coffee range will help every barista find the perfect product according to the espresso machine's model and type. We stock some of the most popular coffee dosing cups & funnels for machinery from La Pavoni, DeLonghi, Lelit, Ascaso, Izzo, Rancilio, San Marco, and other well-known manufacturers. Explore the presented collection or ask our experts for advice, and we will help you make the right choice!

Best Coffee Dosing Funnels at Blue Star Coffee

The characteristics of the coffee machine are the most important criteria for choosing the proper coffee dosing funnel. Most new models offer a standardised holder diameter, according to which baristas can select accessories – 51, 53, and 58mm are the most common sizes for which manufacturers create small coffee funnels with magnets. The metering rings fit snugly against the portafilter and remain on top until you remove them after forming and tamping the coffee tablet.

Top Coffee Funnels and Crema Coffee Dosing Cups

Modern manufacturers of coffee equipment and accessories have ensured that every barista has access to the best coffee funnels, regardless of the coffee machine model. Versatile dosing rings are also a great solution if you are using multiple coffee makers and brewing methods. Extended coffee funnels fit 55.5-58.5mm filter baskets, covering more significant barista needs.

If you want to dose without a ring, pay attention to closed counterparts such as the coffee funnel single cup from Motta. The accessory offers the same functionality but in the form of a small container, on which you need to install the portafilter and turn it over. No mess and coffee waste! You can also use the crema coffee dosing cup with a ring at the same time to ensure absolute dosing accuracy.

Buy #1 Coffee Dosing Funnels Online

Complete control over coffee-making is the basis for your success and the fantastic taste of your drinks. Baristas can achieve this in two ways – with years of practice, using the same coffee equipment, or with the skill of having excellent accessories. Of course, every coffee machine has its own characteristics and requires a certain amount of experience. However, the proportions and requirements of the espresso remain unchanged – the exact brewing time and ratios. Master this skill in no time with a professional coffee dosing funnel that will help preserve every particle of freshly ground coffee!

Blue Star Coffee is a coffee space where we have collected a professional set of the best coffee funnels. Baristas can quickly and easily select the ideal option for manual and automated coffee creation here. Every presented coffee funnel boasts super affordable price, original quality & fast delivery, allowing every specialist to start improving coffee technology immediately!