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Premium-Quality Coffee Machines for Home

This section focuses on the best home coffee machines from leading brands of premium coffee equipment and accessories. Small coffee makers with and without grinders, built-in milk frothers & convenient control panels are ideal for any kitchen, perfectly complementing the interior without taking up much space. Each of the presented coffee machines for home has the superior technical characteristics and performance needed to create delicious drinks every day. Explore a collection of products carefully selected by Blue Star Coffee experts and get your coffee assistant at an affordable price with a convenient door-to-door delivery!

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ASCASO I Steel i1 timer gloss
💰 - Save €35.00 | Timer | Flat blades | Low grind retention
Eureka  Mignon  specialta
On demand| Touch screen timer | Anti clump |Fast silent grinding
Eureka  Mignon silence
On demand| Timer | Anti clump | Silent grinding
Ascaso Steel DUO PID
Black | White | Steel
Ascaso Steel Uno
💰 - Save €130.00
Ascaso Steel Uno PID
Ascaso Dream PID
Black | Anthracite |Polished Aluminium
Eureka  Atom
Choose black or white | Touch screen timer | Anti clump |Fast silent grinding

Best Coffee Machines for Home Use

Home coffee machines are usually small equipment with functionality that comprehensively covers all the needs of coffee lovers. The equipment perfectly copes with the preparation of various coffee drinks at home and in the office, has a low cost, and doesn't provide increased maintenance requirements, in contrast to the bulky professional machinery with sophisticated mechanisms. 

Coffee machines for home are the best choice for those who want to enjoy delicious authentic espresso and master the secrets and nuances of making coffee. It is especially true for lever coffee makers that require the skill to prepare coffee puck for extraction properly. Blue Star Coffee has gathered here a collection of bestsellers from leading coffee equipment manufacturers, among which you can quickly and effortlessly find the perfect coffee machines for home use. Explore the detailed specifications of the models on your own or contact our experts to find the best fit for your individual preferences & needs.


Choosing Coffee Making Machines for Home

The variety of brands, models, and price range overwhelms every coffee lover who has come across an assortment of coffee machines for the home at least once. Blue Star Coffee strives to simplify the complexity of the search as much as possible, reducing the wide variety of equipment to a few of the best coffee makers. Their simplicity and reliability have delighted owners around the world for many years. However, there are some factors that you can take into account to determine the requirements for future coffee machines for home more accurately. 

Built-in Grinder

Some popular brands like Eureka and ASCASO equip their home coffee machines with an integrated grinder that grinds the coffee beans before preparing an espresso. This option is convenient for those who appreciate the taste of freshly ground coffee products but do not have the opportunity to purchase and install extra coffee equipment. The best home coffee machines with grinders usually provide grinding adjustment capabilities. The technical features of the mechanism also ensure the keeping of a low RPM without overheating the coffee beans. Thus, if you are interested in perfect grinding quality using coffee beans, then home coffee machines with a built-in grinder will be an excellent choice and the best alternative to buying professional equipment.

Built-in Milk Frothing Wand

These coffee machines for home are vital if cappuccino, latte, and other milk-based drinks expand your preferences. However, most milk frothing equipment has a separate steam wand to create milk froth manually. Of course, the perfect coffee drink will require skill and additional accessories like milk jugs and thermometers, but the results will fully pay off your efforts! The built-in cappuccino makers for ASCASO coffee machines for home offer professional-like performance, so you can enjoy the best milk froth coffee at home or in the office.

In contrast, home coffee machines for espresso are the most inexpensive because they cannot boast of a wide variety of functions and additional features. The equipment offers 1 or 2 portafilter points and requires your participation in preparing the coffee puck. These cheap home coffee machines are ideal for classic coffee drinkers and won't take up much kitchen space.

Management and Interaction

Although each model offers comprehensive manuals from the manufacturer, the ease of learning the functionality of coffee machines for home is a critical factor for most owners. Most modern manufacturers make sure that the control methods are as straightforward as possible. It can be push-button coffee machines for home use or equipment with a touch screen – the choice depends entirely on individual preferences. Pay attention to the capabilities of coffee makers to get information about possible malfunctions, drinks readiness, etc. It is ideal for beginners who need to deal with the nuances of home coffee machines maintenance for the first time.

Using Tools & Accessories

It is actually for novice baristas who want to master making drinks with coffee machines for home use. It will help if you get to know the parameters of replaceable accessories like the holder or portafilter baskets. It is good if coffee machines for home offer standardised and versatile component dimensions so that you can easily find suitable counterparts with other characteristics necessary to improve your skills. Moreover, the ease of use and maintenance of home coffee machines can also be a milestone on the way to professional multi-functional equipment.


Maintenance of Home Coffee Machines

The absence of increased requirements for maintaining coffee machines for home distinguishes them favourably from professional equipment. Home machinery is easy to operate and doesn't undergo huge and frequent loads, in contrast to the bar and industrial equipment. However, home coffee machines also need regular cleaning, decalcification, and replacement of worn parts such as seals, gaskets, and pistons. 

Consult Blue Star Coffee experts in advance or upon purchase to learn more about maintenance options and times. We provide all the necessary accessories, parts & tools you may need to take proper care of your espresso coffee machines for home. Also, pay attention to ready-made water softening solutions and cleaning products that will dramatically extend the lifespan of your equipment and provide fantastic performance for years to come.


Buy Coffee Machines for Home Use Online

The highest quality materials used, incredible performance, and a wide range of technical capabilities are the hallmarks of the equipment presented in the Blue Star Coffee catalogue. The coffee machines for home use selected by our professionals are recognised and loved worldwide, delighting owners with the best coffee drinks from cup to cup. Their eye-catching design will blend in perfectly with any décor, and their functional features will impress even experienced baristas. Start your journey into the world of delicious coffee prepared following the standards of Italian classics right now with Blue Star Coffee! We offer the best coffee machines for the home and provide all the guidance and support you need to make the right choice.

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