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Single-Serve Coffee Pods

Do you want to try out high-quality coffee pods? Are you looking for single-serve coffee in pods to improve your morning routine? Then take a look at the selection of single cup coffee products listed in the extensive catalogue of Blue Star Coffee! As a leading supplier of premium coffee goods, accessories and barista tools, we offer a wide range of espresso pods from in-demand and reputable manufacturers. In this collection, you will find decaf coffee pods and regular pods & capsules from Agust and Caravaggio. We also stock fantastic espresso and cappuccino gift sets to complement your special coffee ritual.

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Caravaggio Cappuccino gift box
2 x Cappuccino cup/Saucer and spoons
Caravaggio Espresso gift box
2 x Espresso cup/Saucer and spoons
Agust Decaffeinated pods x 50
ESE 7 gram pods
Natura Equa pods x 50
Fair Trade Organic| 100% Arabica |ESE 7 gram pods
Agust Elegante single pod
ESE 7 gram pods
Agust Elegante pod double 85 X 14G
ESE 14 gram double pods
Caravaggio  Vellutato  ESE 7g pods
100% pure Arabica coffee | 7 grams | 44mm
Caravaggio Organic Decaf ESE 7g pods
100% Organic Arabica coffee | 7 grams | 44mm

Premium Single Cup Coffee Pods for Sale

Espresso coffee pods are very popular these days because of their usability and affordability. Both coffee pods for coffee machines and regular options sealed inside filter paper come as an essential part of the everyday coffee routine. Grind coffee pods represented in the online catalogue of Blue Star Coffee are exceptional coffee products of superior quality. Coffee in pods we supply boasts a sophisticated flavour and comes packed in convenient pods that can be seamlessly taken wherever you go.

Agust Decaffeinated Coffee in Pods

When searching for the best coffee in pods, you may want to try decaffeinated options that don't affect your blood pressure and are suitable for those who prefer having a coffee ritual several times a day. Grind coffee pods from the Agust brand represent an ESE 7-gram pod coffee blend that consists of premium-quality Arabica and Robusta. These espresso pods boast a rich flavour and excellent taste characteristics. Choosing decaf coffee pods from Agust manufacturer, you get one box containing 50 convenient pods of single-serve coffee.

Natura Equa Coffee Pods

In case you care about the environment a lot and adore eco-friendly products, single cup coffee pods from the Natura Equa selection are your best option to try. Manufactured by the Agust coffee brand, this premium ground coffee in pods contains 100% Arabica coffee products. Moreover, the manufacturer also guarantees organic agriculture, eco packaging and zero impact on the environment, which means that you can enjoy your favourable espresso pods with love for nature in mind. Caffe Agust Natura Equa coffee in pods is a smooth, low-acid and low-caffeine product perfect for dinner drinking.

Agust Elegante Single-Serve Coffee in Pods

The Agust Elegante espresso coffee pods represent a blend of first-class Arabica and Robusta plantation coffee. This pod coffee is a full-bodied, medium roasted and medium acid option with a mild crema and rich aroma. Therefore, if you are looking for a well-balanced coffee in pods, you will surely like these espresso pods from Agust manufacturer. The pods will serve you with a gourmet coffee that boasts chocolate, flower & dried fruit notes. Each pod is just 7.2 grams, which makes it perfect for Americano and cappuccino coffee. Choosing this single-serve coffee, you get a large box containing 150 separate single cup coffee pods.

Agust Elegante Grind Coffee Pods Double

Because of the incredible popularity of the best coffee in pods, the current market offers tons of different options to choose from. Nevertheless, each manufacturer offers several pod coffee types that possess unique features. For example, these grind coffee pods from Agust brand have a non-standard size that allows you to brew double Americano or double espresso coffee. Instead of the standard 7 grams of coffee product, these espresso pods have 14 grams of perfect Arabica and Robusta coffee blend. Additionally, this pod coffee can be used for commercial coffee makers, and so if you need quality coffee pods for coffee machines, Agust Elegante double pods are your optimal solution. You will surely love these pods if you prefer balanced and creamy coffee with fruit & flower aroma.

Caravaggio Vellutato Coffee in Pods

These espresso pods from Cafe Del Caravaggio coffee brand represent pure Arabica blend containing superior Guatemala and Ethiopian Arabica coffee. This pod coffee is a low-caffeine, low-acid and genuinely smooth product with exceptional taste and aroma. Whether you have a modern automatic coffee machine or a traditional espresso maker, Cafe Del Caravaggio Vellutato ESE coffee in pods will serve you with easy brewing, delightful drinking and excellent coffee characteristics. Each pod contains 7 grams of first-class coffee ready to be brewed with the tools and accessories you prefer.

Caravaggio Organic Decaf Coffee Pods

If you are searching for 100% organic decaf coffee pods, pay attention to the Cafe Del Caravaggio decaffeinated ESE espresso pods. This premium coffee in pods from Cafe Del Caravaggio has a particular body and fragrance that allow you to get excellent coffee with a unique taste, exceptional aroma and fruity aftertaste. Caravaggio Organic Decaf ESE pods contain pure Arabica coffee that keeps all its essential characteristics. The box includes 20 pods of ESE-friendly single-serve coffee, while each pod contains 7 grams of the highest quality coffee product.


K-Cups Vs. Espresso Coffee Pods

When searching for the best coffee in pods, you may also find K-cups that also refer to single-serve coffee brewing. Nevertheless, K-cups and pod coffee options have a huge difference. First, you can't use coffee machines for K-cups for brewing coffee in pods and vice versa. Secondly, they differ in packaging. Pod coffee comes packed in paper, and that is why it looks similar to regular tea bags. Meanwhile, K-cups are sold in plastic cups, also called cartridges.

Keep in mind that both K-cups and espresso coffee pods have advantages and disadvantages. Thus, although grind coffee pods provide better extraction of coffee and more aroma together with less packaging waste, they provide fewer coffee blends and flavours and have fewer options for brewing equipment. K-cups have a vast selection of blends and flavours and are very convenient to use. But they are more expensive than coffee pods, and their packaging provides much more waste. Anyway, the choice is only up to you as both options are great to have a perfect coffee at home or in the office effortlessly.


Buy Single-Serve Coffee in Pods Online

If you are a discerning coffee lover, such convenient and no-mess coffee products as espresso coffee pods are the most suitable option to meet your demand. These products allow you to achieve terrific-tasting coffee with ease and with no need to spend plenty of time on the brewing process. At Blue Star Coffee, you can find top-notch coffee in pods at a reasonable price. We stock only select products from reliable brands that guarantee their coffee products' impressive quality and delightful taste & aroma. So browse our catalogue and buy perfect espresso pods right now!