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Premium Coffee Machine Pumps

Several main factors affect the taste of espresso — the quality of the coffee beans used and the equipment's health. Solving the problem with low-quality coffee materials is easy as you can choose a trusted supplier and enjoy premium coffee products exclusively. It is much more challenging to maintain a coffee machine's top performance that requires regular maintenance and cleaning. Blue Star Coffee has everything you need to enjoy the ultimate condition of your coffee machine. In addition to first-class coffee products and original equipment from well-known brands, we supply a wide selection of accessories, tools and spare parts like coffee machine pumps, portafilters, valves, and even more.

In our catalogue, you will find everything to troubleshoot your espresso coffee pump effortlessly – from high-performance coffee machine pumps to additional fittings, filters, and water softeners. Turn routine repairs into a comfortable and ergonomic process, the results of which will delight you with perfect coffee for a long time!

Best Coffee Machine Pumps for Sale

The coffee maker is an indispensable piece of equipment for coffee lovers, delighting with aromatic espresso. However, machines require care, routine maintenance, and attention to minor defects that can lead to significant breakdowns. If you notice deterioration in the espresso extraction process, unusual noises or vibrations, pay special attention to this, as the problem may be a malfunction of the espresso coffee pump. Low water supply can also occur due to scale and sediment formed due to unsuitable water and pipes' irregular cleaning. In this case, the problem can be solved by decalcifying and using water softeners. Otherwise, the cause is a malfunction of the espresso machine pumps.


Most modern coffee equipment brands manufacture a wide variety of replacement parts and accessories to help bring your machinery back to top condition. As an independent supplier of top-notch coffee equipment, Blue Star Coffee offers a wide range of original spares, accessories, and parts. Here you can select and buy all the necessary coffee machine pumps and tools, ideally suited to your coffee machine model.  

Malfunctions of Espresso Machine Pumps

The coffee machine is a complex and multi-component mechanism. Experienced baristas who have interacted with equipment for many years can identify a malfunction by factors that are invisible to others. However, it is not always possible to track the slightest changes in the equipment's operation to fix troubles on time. Thus, sometimes it may be quite challenging to define the problem with the coffee espresso hand pump or any other element.


Some modern coffee machines have electronic sensors that indicate system errors. If you own automated equipment, you need to check the manufacturer's instructions. It is challenging to identify a malfunction of the mechanism where an extra module is not provided. In this case, knowledge of the machinery's components' operation principles will help to detect the problem.

  • Engine. This piece of coffee equipment is responsible for machinery power and correct operation.

  • Compressor. The part is necessary to create pressure within specific values. 

  • Servo. These spare monitors are essentials for the precise positioning of the speed controller.

  • Pump. The coffee machine pumps supply hot water for the next coffee extraction.


You can check each element of the system's correct operation by starting the espresso brewing process as usual. Pay attention to the area of error or failure occurrence to determine the cause of the breakdown.

Determining Malfunctions of Coffee Machine Pumps

You can check the coffee machine pumps' condition by paying attention to their operation's sound intensity after grinding the beans. Thus, the absence of unusual noises and vibrations means the problem is not related to espresso machine pumps. But if the sound intensity has decreased, espresso machine pumps just can't handle water pumping due to clogged filters.

Filters are usually clogged due to small coffee particles. In this case, you can choose a different grind, clean or replace the filter spares. If these actions don't improve the coffee machine's performance, you should pay attention to the heat blocks. An increase in the intensity of the pumps for coffee machine operation indicates that the water is not pumping at all, so you need to repair or replace pump parts.


In this case, you need to remove the pumps for coffee machine to determine the malfunction's exact cause. Also, problems with coffee pumps can be indicated by a lack of milk supply. Sometimes issues occur after replacing or cleaning filters due to the formation of an air pocket that does not allow enough liquid to pass through. It leads to breakdowns of coffee machine pumps.


If the coffee machine doesn't draw up enough water and produces leaks, the problem may lie in pipes connected to the coffee machine vibrating pumps. You can replace the faulty spares by carefully disconnecting them from the mechanism. Use the tube clamp and thread lock as needed for a more reliable fit.

 Espresso Machine Pumps Replacement

For sure, having an experienced technician or a service centre nearby is an ideal option. Specialists can quickly recognise coffee machine pump problems and replace the necessary modules. However, some modern equipment models allow beginner's intervention with the essential supporting tools. Dismantling coffee equipment from popular brands is usually performed according to a similar algorithm:

  1. Remove all external detachable containers and open the front panel if possible.

  2. Unscrew the fixers and remove the back panel.

  3. Take out water and coffee bean containers in case they hide access to the pumps for coffee machine.

  4. Dismantle the coffee espresso hand pump carefully and replace it with a new one.

Blue Star Coffee also recommends paying attention to other components that interact with espresso coffee machine pumps. It is much better to carry out complex repairs during maintenance than to interfere with the machine operation several times.

Buy Coffee Machine Pumps Online

Coffee machine pumps are essential spare parts resistant to mechanical and physical stress. The original product can work properly, providing maximum performance for 5-7 years. However, low-quality water, dirty filters and many other factors can negatively affect the performance of pumps for coffee machine and lead to breakdowns. Take care of this in advance by purchasing spare parts and additional tools that will help you quickly replace a broken mechanism. Blue Star Coffee offers a comprehensive collection of premium espresso machine pumps for most contemporary equipment models and types.


Affordable prices, comfortable payment methods, and fast delivery perfectly complement the set of high-quality coffee pumps. You can also always contact our experts for support and competent advice on coffee equipment maintenance and restoration.

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Elbow Fitting for Ulka Pump
Silicon tube clamp x 2
Clamps silicon tube in place
Silicon tube particle filter
Stops particles blocking pump| solenoid valves
Silicon water inlet pipe 20cm
Fit all models
Brita aqua gusta 100 L
Passively softens 100 Litres
Brita aqua gusta 250 L
Passively softens 250 Litres
Nical 900 water softener 150L
150Liters **from €5.49**
242 Thread lock
Seals : Solenoid| Boiler fittings | Pump fittings | Brass | Steel | Plastic
Teflon sealing tape
Prevents leaking
Ascaso  elbow/nut fitting M1/8  x M1/8
For most models ascaso produced
Steel elbow fitting 1/8M
For most models ascaso produced
Teflon tube straight fitting. 1/8 x 4mm
Gaggia and Rancilio, Fracino
Teflon tube straight fitting. 1/8 x 4mm  F
Gaggia and Rancilio, Fracino
Vibration S2 pump valve
Ascaso, Gaggia and Rancilio, Fracino
Gaggia  Pump Support pad x 2
Baby | Classic| Carezza| Evolution|Synchrony|Titanium
Rubber Vibration Pump Support x 2
Ascaso, Gaggia and Rancilio, Fracino
Ulka Pump Support pad x 2
Ascaso new and Saeco
Viabration pump rubber support Bracket x 2
90° 2 holes on base
Joe Frex Portafilter Pressure Gauge
Fits all 3/8'' portafilters
Portafilter thermal Pressure Gauge Kit
Fits all 3/8'' portafilters
Ascaso ARS CP 06 Vibration pump  230V
Ascaso new 70w pump 230v
Ascaso ARS Vibration pump  230V
Ascaso new 65w pump 230v
Ascaso universal teflon pipe and fittings
Fits most ascaso machines
Ascaso vibration  pump assembly 110V
Ascaso pump 110v/120v assembly
Ascaso vibration  pump assembly 230V
Dream pump made after 06/2012
Ascaso Vibration  pump Ulka EX5 230V
ascaso models made before 04/2015
Vibration pump fuse
PTFE universal teflon pipe 4x6mm
ascaso|Gaggia |Bianchi|Grimac|Saeco|N.Simonelli|Cimbali|Faema|Pavoni
Gaggia coffee Vibration  pump – 120V  EAP-5
Ascaso | Saeco| Gaggia | Delonghi
Gaggia Saeco Vibration  pump EK2 230V
Gaggia | Saeco | Delonghi models
Gaggia Saeco Vibration  pump EP5GW 230V
Gaggia | Saeco models
Gaggia Vibration  pump EP5 230V
Most gaggia models inc Classic
Jura|Gaggia Spinel ARS CP3A pump 230V
Spinel | Gaggia | Jura| Didiesse
Rocket ECM Ulka pump EX5 230V
Rocket | ECM |230V
Vibration pump  Ulka EX5 110V
Fits most 110V models
ascaso vibration  pump EP5 230V
Gaggia|Delonghi |Rancilio|Quick Mill|LaVazza
LaVazza Ulka Vibration  pump EP4 230V
LaVazza Espresso point
Nuova Simonelli Vibration  pump  EX5 230v
Pump  elbow fitting 1/8 x 4mm
ascaso |Gaggia |Rancilio |Bezzera | Nouva Simonelli Expobar|ULKA pumps
Rancillio Vibration  pump Ulka EX5 230v
Satemac Ulka Vibration  pump EP4 230V
Satemac vending machines
Spinel Ulka Vibration  pump EP4 230V
Lavazza | Brasilia | Spinel | Satemac |Riviera Bar
Ulka coffee Vibration  pump – 120V  EAP-5
Ascaso | Saeco| Gaggia | Delonghi
Ulka Vibration  pump EP4 230V
Lavazza | Brasilia | Spinel | Satemac |Riviera Bar
Ulka Vibration  pump EP5 230V
Gaggia|Delonghi |Rancilio|Quick Mill|LaVazza
ULKA Vibration  pump EP7 230V
Most models
Ulka Vibration pump EX5 230v
Fits most models
Òlab Vibration  pump 22000/15 48W 230V
Lelit | Quickmill | Gaaggia | Rancilio
Coffee machine rotary vane pump Nuert 200L
Commercial rotary vane 200L | 96mm
Fluid O Tech Coffee rotary vane pump 50L 61mm
58.5mm | Astoria | Caramali | Wega |Rocket |Simonelli
Fluid O Tech Coffee rotary vane pump 50L 82mm
74.5mm | Bezzera | Astoria | Caramali | Wega |Rocket |Simonelli |Profitec |Spaziale |Crem |Expoobar |San Marco
Fluid O Tech Coffee rotary vane pump 200L 85mm
Commercial rotary vane 200L | 100mm
RPM pump motor
SPECIAL ORDER ONLY - 2 weeks after order
Singflo pump
Bottled water system

Date of manufacture is found on silver plate under machine

Vibration pumps can last anything from 5-7 years - depending on use.
Your vibration coffee pump may need replacing if you are loosing cream, or cream is bubbly or inconsistent.
Espresso coffee vibration pumps are easy to replace, it that takes around 15 minutes.