Coffee Sensor  E61 digital thermometer
Coffee Sensor  E61 digital thermometer
Coffee Sensor  E61 digital thermometer
Coffee Sensor  E61 digital thermometer
Coffee Sensor  E61 digital thermometer

Coffee Sensor E61 digital thermometer

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Helps prevent burnt coffee

Coffee Sensor

Coffee sensor E61 coffee group 

This is the latest version of the famous Coffee sensor digital thermometer for E61 coffee groups. It is now all black, has a shorter tip for even more accurate reading and now fits Vibiemme.
The sensor shows idle group temperature and extraction temperature.

It is ideal for retro fitting your coffee machine so you can monitor the temperature of the coffee groups.
A big issue with coffee, is the temperature that the coffee is extracted. Knowing the temperature of the group when brewing will help prevent burning speciality coffees.

The ideal temperature is 88ºC - 94ºC.
Some coffees burn at 90ºC - like 100% arabica speciality types.
Espresso blends are more robust and can go as far as 94ºC


Fits almost all E61 models inc : - These models have been confirmed below;

  • ACS, ,
  • Bricoletta,  
  • Bezzera: Magica , Mitica,  Mitica TOP PID, Unica, Galatea, and Bezzera  E61 Groups 
  • ECM: Synchronika 
  • Expobar: Office
  • Isomac Zaffiro
  • Quickmill
  • Lelit: Lelit Mara PL62T-PID
  • ​​​​​​​La Nuova Era: Cuadra
  • Rocket: Evoluzione, Rocket Apartamento​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
  • Faema
  • Pavoni
  • ​​​​​​​Profitec: 500​​​​​​​
  • Reneka: 
  • Vibiemme: VBM Super​​​​​​​ 
  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Myway Izzo E61
  • Wega : Classic HX E61​​​​​​

⚠️This fits almost all E61 chambers but just in case..

  • Remove the E61 group screw , where the gauge would fit.
  • Measure the depth of the chamber.
  • This sensor has a 6mm thread and a 16mm depth.
  • If your e61 chamber is shorter that 16mm, the probe would be too long and would block the coffee.

Product features:
  • Measuring units: °C/°F
  • Temperature range: -50°C to 200°C  
  • Increments: 0.1°C
  • Power Supply: Powered by solar-cell and LR44 battery
  • ON/OFF push button.
  • 180° rotatable head with LCD display.
  • Two copper sealing washers offered into the box (one spare), that are highly resistant to friction and high temperature for longer periods of time than classical rubber or Teflon washers;
  • Full installation kit and written instructions in the box. The installation kit consists of one Allen key, one fix 10 mm key and two copper sealing washers (one spare).

Easy to install:

- Make sure group is cold, machine is switched off and if plumbed to water mains, turn off water mains tap.
- Remove the hexagnal nut on the group -(
- Screw in the main part - making sure that the copper washer is installed . 
- Push in the thermometer as far back as it will go and tighten both nuts with a wrench.
- No need for Teflon tape or sealant.
- Turn on machine water mains and try to make a coffee with blind filter - check for leaks - tighten if necessary.

Kit includes:
  • Digital thermometer x 1 
  • Allen Key 5mm x 1
  • Spanner 10mm x 1 
  • Copper washer  x 2 ( Fits where the original hex nut was) 1 Spare washer 
  • Instructions

Size: 60mm x 37mm x 40m
Accuracy:   ±2℃   80℃-120℃
Choose  Celsius or Fahrenheit readings. 
Battery: LR44 
💡 How to change LR44 battery

The Coffee Sensor Thermometer is located close to the coffee puck, so the readings the sensor gives you are a little bit different comparing to the actual temperature of the water that hits the puck. add +2 degrees Celsius to the readings to calculate a more accurate extraction temperature.
The readings can vary between different espresso machine manufacturers, due the angle of the sensor in the group head.

Product dimensions:

Size: 37 mm width x 61 mm length (including stainless steel adaptor). M6 x 16mm probe depth
Front overall size: 37 mm diameter.
LCD display size 20 x 7.5 mm.

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Some of tools I can't find it (parts of the michen)

They shipped my order fast . Most i need i found it in their website Thanks

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