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Coffee Sensor  E61 flow control
Coffee Sensor  E61 flow control
Coffee Sensor  E61 flow control
Coffee Sensor  E61 flow control
Coffee Sensor  E61 flow control

Coffee Sensor E61 flow control

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Coffee Sensor


Coffee Sensor Flow Control Device for E61 group heads.

If you have to replace your e61 mushroom, due to mineral build up and chrome flaking off - then this would be an ideal upgrade, as the mushroom is made from stainless steel, so the lime wont stick and there is no chrome to flake.

This kit allows you, pressure profile by adjusting  the pressure of water flowing through the coffee.The flow can be controlled due to its special needle valve, which allows for lengthy pre-infusion for even more saturation and extraction of your espresso drinks.

As the flow is modified , the pressure is shown on the gauge.

All the metal parts are stainless steel so you wont need to ever replace the mushroom, the chrome plated brass mushroom starts to corrode after 3 years.

Fits models confirmed:

  • Rocket: GIOTTO, LAURA, MICHELANGELO, VENEZIANO, Rocket Cellini Evo 2
  • Bezzera: 
  • Expobar Brewtus 3 and 4 
  • Izzo Alex Duetto

Should fit as the mushroom are the same dimensions:

  • Wega: E61
  • Grimac E61 
  • BFC Royal
  • Cime:  
  • La scala
  • SV Sab​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Not compatible

  • Vibiemme
  • Lelit
  • Modified group heads 
Product features:
  1. Long pre infusion - adjust length of pre infusion 
  2. Control flow, lower pressure for 100% arabica, single origin or light roast .
  3. Lever machine extraction: with pressure control 
  4. Use filter grind with with a lower pressure. 
  5. Stainless steel mushroom - will last longer than chrome covered brass. 
Kit includes:
  1. Stainless steel flow Control 
  2. Choice of 2 handles: 
    1. Non-flip
    2. 180 degrees flip handle- Suits models with a low group head .
  3. Pressure gauge 0-16 bar (The gauge has a direct M6 thread on the back, so the installation is pretty simple and straight forward.)
  4. Teflon gasket for mushroom washer. 
  5. Teflon tape and small hex wrench needed for gauge installation;
  6. Special tape to protect Flow Device during installation. 
  7. Spare set of gaskets: 1 x mushroom gasket +  2 x  o rings  for the stainless steel needle valve.
  8. Warranty: The metal parts come with a life time warranty . Gaskets are not included .

How to install:

  1. Before installation: Check the flow rates : -  check extraction time  for 10 sec. 
  2. Install the pressure gauge by hand only, with a little Teflon tape  - no tools - just finger tight. . Test with a blind basket for leaks.. Tighten gauge by hand if any leaks appear.
  3. Install Flow Control device - choose handle type and check new flow rate.
  4. Test with a blind basket for leaks..
  5. Check the flow output by turning the flow handle clockwise; On a ECM 61 group, you would see , - 3 ml per second flow, at 6 o’clock a 5.7 – 7 ml per second, and at 12 again, about 7.3 ml per second and so on; 
  6. Always use a calibrated glass,  with ml on it or a scale to determine best water output as stated above;
  7. Split the results in 10 or 20 (the number of seconds you left the water run), to determine the correct water output your machine gives PER SECOND; this is how you determine grams per second or ml per second flow rate using the Flow Device;
  8. Flow Control device gets hot during use - so don't touch metal parts . The handle is made from a special heat resistant plastic.

At this stage you can decide if you prefer extraction using  flow or pressure parameters.

If you prefer pressure as no. 1 parameter, just watch the group head gauge, using the Coffee Sensor Flow Control Device. We recommend using flow, because pressure rises and lowers fast (the gauge readings fluctuates), while flow is usually constant, after determining the water outputs;

Over its lifetime the FCD will not work at its optimum as gaskets and springs can wear and a build up of scale can obstruct needle. 

Frequently asked Questions :

  • Q.Is my pump affected by the Coffee Sensor FCD?
  • A. No Pressure reaches the standard 9-10 bar and is adjusted only if FCD is used.  
  • Q.Is the heat up time affected ?
  • No, When is FCD is at the closed position , it is just above the area where the water circulates slowly inside the GH, with the help of IN and OUT pipes.
  • Q Will my pump be affected on the long therm?
  • No - The pump will handle the FCD for a long time. The low pressure given by the FCD usage lasts for seconds.  
  • Q Which flow control handle should I use?
  • Some coffee machines have a lower positioned group head, so the standard handle could hit the machine’s body. In that case, it’s best to use our flip handle, to avoid the chrome plate from behind the group head.
  • Q What are the spare gaskets  for?
  •  Spare gaskets are for E 61 mushroom and stainless steel needle valve.
  • Q Do all machines have same water output? No - Each  machine is different, rotary pumps work different to vibration pumps and manufacturers have different E 61 groups. 
           See live chat below
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