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Coffee sensor

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La Pavoni Lever  boiler pipe tool
La Pavoni Lever models made after 2000
La Pavoni Lever  bong isolator
Due back end of July approx |La Pavoni Lever models modification
La Pavoni Lever brass boiler Insert
Wont break | La Pavoni Lever models
La pavoni pressure profiling kit
La Pavoni Lever models - Now Inc. Cafelat silicon gaskets
La Pavoni steam  nozzle 1 hole
More steam with 1 hole
Lower shower puck screen
Helps reduce channelling. | 49.5mm | 51.5mm 58.5mm portafilters
Coffee Sensor  E61 digital thermometer
Helps prevent burnt coffee
Coffee Sensor  E61 flow control
New improved 2021 version
Pavoni pressure gauge steel nut M11
Lever piston conversion nut - models after 2000