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Coffee sensor

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La Pavoni Lever  boiler pipe tool
La Pavoni Lever models made after 2000
La Pavoni Lever  bong isolator
La Pavoni Lever models modification
La Pavoni Lever brass boiler Insert
Wont break | La Pavoni Lever models
La pavoni pressure profiling kit
La Pavoni Lever models\ Inc. cafelat silicon gaskets
La Pavoni steam  nozzle 1 hole
More steam with 1 hole
Lower shower puck screen
49.5mm | 51.5mm 58.5mm portafilters
Coffee Sensor  E61 digital thermometer
New improved 2020 version | Helps prevent burnt coffee
Coffee Sensor  E61 flow control
Pavoni pressure gauge steel nut M11
Lever piston conversion nut - models after 2000