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Coffee solenoid

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ASCASO Ceme  Steel / Kap  2way solenoid
Ascaso Steel and Kap 230 V
ASCASO Ceme 120V 3 WAY Solenoid i.706
Dream Arc Basic Steel
ascaso ceme 3 WAY Solenoid 230V i.105
Dream Arc Basic Steel
ascaso ODE 230V  Solenoid i.259
Dream | Arc | Basic | Steel
Ceme 230V 3 way Solenoid
LaPavoni | Lelit | La Piccola |Nuova Simonelli
M&M  2 way Solenoid  230v
Grimac | Spinel
Olab 230V 2 way Solenoid
Brasilia water inlet tap
Lucifer  group solenoid body ruby pin
Fits : 110V | 230V solenoids
Gaggia  drain tube
Gaggia Classic | Classic pro
Gaggia Olab boiler solenoid 230V
Gaggia Baby | Classic | Kitchenaid
Ascaso Steel professional boiler Solenoid
Ascaso Steel professional model
Parker YB09 group solenoid 230V
Solenoid valve complete
Threadlocker Blue 242
Seals : Solenoid| Boiler fittings | Pump fittings | Brass | Steel | Plastic
Parker group solenoid body ruby pin
Fits : 110V | 230V solenoids
Lucifer solenoid coil  9W 230V
Lucifer coil 230V
Lucifer solenoid electrovalve valve 115V
Lucifer coil 110V and valve
Lucifer solenoid electrovalve valve 230V
Lucifer coil 230V and valve
ODE 2 way solenoid valve 230V
Profitec| ECM |Nouva Simonelli| Quickmill| San Marco| SPM
Parker  WB4.5 2 way solenoid 230V
Rocket |Isomac
Parker solenoid coil  ZB09 9W 230V
ZB09 coil 230V
Parker solenoid ZB09 valve 110V
ZB09 coil 110V and valve
Parker solenoid ZB09 valve 230V
ZB09 coil 230V and valve
Parker solenoid ZB09 valve 230V flat
ZB09 coil 230V and valve | Gaggia| Brasilia

Coffee electrovalve also called  solenoid coils and valves

Solenoid valve malfunctions are common in hard water areas and tend to fail when they become blocked by mineral build up inside the valve. Occasionally the coil may rupture on volumetric machines - when the button is pressed but no water, the whole valve should be replaced.

Parker Cime and Lucifer are the most common brands and are made in Italy. The best valves have a ruby red viton plunger inside the nucleus of valve - this last so much longer than the rubber grommet.

The main areas where you will have a electro valve is on the coffee group, electronic hot water and water inlet of a plumbed machine.

  • Coffee group: When no water comes from the group, you may get steam but no water.
  • Water inlet solenoid: Water is not getting to the boiler due to blockage, you will have coffee water but boiler is not filling - typically blocks when roadwork's occurs or town water refills in the summer letting rust or sediments into water supply and blocking both the valve and damaging the pump. Both pump and inlet valve will need to be replaced.
  • Hot water solenoid: When you press button for hot water and you get just stem or no water - this gets blocked with lime over time and needs to be replaced.