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Coffee containers>
Coffee Vac amber  container  500g
Coffee Vac amber  container  500g
Coffee Vac amber  container  500g
Coffee Vac amber  container  500g
Coffee Vac amber  container  500g

Coffee Vac amber container 500g

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Fresh coffee = more coffee cream
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These coffee containers from Tightvac - one of the leading storage containers in the world are best coffee containers for storing coffee.    
Air is expelled when you put the lid on - preventing your fresh coffee beans from oxidizing and loosing that vital coffee cream.
Easy to use - Just push down the lid to suck out all the air making it completely vacuum-sealed.

Coffeevac's unique patented vacuum closure system, allows the carbon dioxide from the beans to slowly escape, without letting oxygen in.Its amber colour protects light sensitive coffee and tea.

Mechanism works by simply pressing the button on the cap, which forces air out and creates a perfect seal.
Ideal for home use, or small cafes using tea or decaf coffee

To open, simply push the press button on the cap, and pull the cap off.
To close, push the press button push cap down onto the body and with this motion the volume of air is eliminated, creating a vacuum seal. It’s that simple!

Product features:
- Tinted: Protect light sensitive coffee or tea.
- One way valve:
- Allows carbon dioxide to slowly escape without letting oxygen in.
- Expels air from container when closing cap - preventing oxidising.
- Size: holds up to 250g of coffee beans.
- Wide opening for easy access.

Technical :
Size: 1 lb / 16 oz / 1.85 litre / 500g
Dimensions: 20cm x 12cm

Material: Polypropylene
           See live chat below

What I enjoy about the Tightpac Coffeevac is how incredibly simple it is to use. It doesn’t utilize any sort of mechanism to ensure the freshness of your coffee bean. Just cover the container with the lid properly and you’re done.

The vacuum seal does everything. You can actually hear the vacuum design working its magic whenever you remove the lid. You will hear a faint ‘whooshing’ sound which tells you that the seal has been removed as the pressurised air rushes out.

This container can hold up to a pound (500 grams) of the delicious ground coffee blend or coffee beans with no problem. The wide opening is also large enough to fit your entire hand so scooping and cleaning are extremely easy to do. Cleaning can also be done via hand wash or dishwasher. When dish washing, just make sure there is no debris stuck on the lid and the exterior.

This is a minimalist and classy looking coffee container that is sure to fit into any kitchen no matter the aesthetics. It is also quite reliable when it comes to sealing the freshness of your coffee beans.

Is the Coffeevac patented system easy to use?

Yes - To open simply push the press button on the cap, and pull the cap off. To close, push the press button, no need to pump, push cap down onto the body and with this motion the cap volume of air is eliminated, creating a vacuum seal, it’s that simple!

Is this a vacuum sealed container?

Our Vacs create a partial vacuum – The same volume of air as the cap is removed- this is enough to keep most goods fresh and edible for long periods of time. For the engineers out there technically speaking there is no vacuum until the cap is pulled upward without pressing the button. 

Are the Vacs smell proof?

The Coffeevac  patented system is able to preserve goods for 1 year and beyond by allowing products to breath and degas.  Almost all food goods are smell proof inside the Vacs , however some products like freshly roasted coffee will allow the aroma to escape but no air can come back in to oxidise the coffee.  

 Is it moisture and oxygen free?

Yes the Tightvac patented system keeps moisture and oxygen out – these elements cannot enter the container unless you decide to take the cap off.

Are the Vacs durable? How long will they last?

Yes the Vacs are made with NSF & FDA approved PS # 6, this plastic is very strong. These days shipping methods are very rough, packages being thrown, automated systems dropping huge parcels on top of smaller ones. If your Vac arrives damaged please report this IMMEDIATELY UPON RECIEPT for a part or full replacement. 

My cap seems loose?

We offer 10 different sizes and 3 styles of Vacs – Solid – Clear and Tint. Often a Solid & Tint Vac will have a slightly looser fitting cap then a clear model. It is a misconception that a tighter fitting cap is working better or holding more of a seal.  Loose caps function just as well and will tighten with time and use.

How should I clean the Vacs?

Hand wash only - Use mild or natural cleaners. Do not microwave or put in dishwasher. Always keep the interior of the cap and the top of the container clean. This will ensure easy open and closure.

What does NSF International certified mean?

 NSF International certification demonstrates that a product complies with all standard requirements. NSF conducts yearly manufacturing facility audits and product testing to verify that the product continues to comply with the standards set by the FDA. The plastics we use have been tested for food safety and our manufacturing facility has been visited and complies with all standards.  

  • Product Code:
    29101.Brown 500g
  • Material
    Micro Fiber
  • Size
    20cm x 12cm
  • Brand:
  • Condition:
  • Weight:
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