E61 group pressure gauge.

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See group extraction pressure

E61 coffee group pressure gauge.
This Gauge fits on the front of some E-61 groupheads, depending on the angle of the nut on the group.

This gauge is an inexpensive pressure gauge for E61 coffee groups. It is ideal for retro fitting your coffee machine so you can monitor the extraction of the coffee .
Knowing the pressure of the coffee extraction exposes any tamping or grind issues, such as; coffee too fine or too much coffee in the filter basket.

A big issue with coffee, is the grind can change depending on the temperature or humidity at the time of grinding .Knowing the extraction pressure helps with identifying correct grind or tamping issues.
The ideal extraction is 9 bar and pre infusion 2.5 bar approx.

Typically vibration pumps should be set to 10 bars and 8.5-9 bar on a rotary (plumbed version) in order to deliver 9 bars at extraction. Eg your machine will show 10 bars on the machines own pump gauge and 9 on the E61 gauge, with vibration pumps.

Kit includes:

  • 1 x Copper o ring - If you need extra o ring see below.
  • 1 x E61 Gauge

Please note:

  • This gauge will fit most E61 groups - but not all, as the angle on some groups will prevent fitting.
  • Works effectively, when coffee is in the portafilter or using blind filter to test pump pressure.

Size: thread 6 mm
Diameter: 40mm
Material: Chrome and steel thread 
Measures: 0-16 bars pressure 

Fits models:
Most E61 groups
Pavoni E61
Rocket Giotto

Will not fit:


Easy to install:

1. Remove the hexagnal nut on the group -(Make sure group is cold, machine is switched off and if plumbed to water mains, turn off water mains tap.) 
2.Add copper gasket to this gauge and screw gauge clockwise
3.You may not need plumbers tape to make the seal.
4.Turn on machine water mains and try to make a coffee with blind filter - check for leaks - tighten if necessary.

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