E61 Stainless steel naked portafilter

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E61 groups | Ascaso| Sanremo | Quickmill | Rocket | La Marzocco | Lelit | Expobar| Fracino

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E61 Stainless steel naked bottomless portafilter 📢 New for 2022


This stainless steel naked portafilter is designed to fit most E61 groups and is an improvement on the traditional chrome plated brass as the steel will remain the same even after years of use. 

Chrome plated brass, will loose chrome and expose the 3% lead found in brass. Both the body and basket are made from stainless steel so your portafilter will always look like new.

Naked portafilters help you to extract the best shot possible.It helps to control and diagnose extraction of espresso shots and assures a pure espresso with a great crema.
Its a amazing espresso accessory for training, as it exposes channeling. Channeling occurs when coffee grounds are not evenly distributed or properly compressed.

Fits most E61 models including : 💡Check your fin thickness to make sure it fits your model.

  • Alex Duetto:  Alex II, Izzo Alex,
  • Ascaso: Steel*Uno Duo Trio (professional models, 58mm versions),Barista pro,​​​​​​​Bar,​​​​​​​ Dream one, PID models.,​​​​​​​
  • Bezzera: Galatea |Unica |Giulia |DUO MN,|Matrix MN|Magica |Mitica| Domus | Reneka Amici, Atalante
  • Brugnetti E61
  • Expobar:  Brewtus 11/111 | Carat | Diamant | Expresso | G10 | Markus | Megacrem | Mini Compact | Monroc New elegance | Office | EB61 |Leva |Rosetta | Zircon
  • ECM: Barista |Casa | Classika | Controvento | Elektronika |Synchronika | Mechanika |Technika
  • Elektra: Classic | Kappa | Modern | Mini Verticale | Semi Automatica | Sixtes
  • Fracino: Bambino Classic Contempo - you will have to use the 9mm group gaskets.
  • Izzo:
  • Lelit: Giulietta | Glenda |​ Silvana | Bianca |Mara |Kate |Victoria | Elizabeth
  • La pavoni: Giotto and models with the E61 group
  • Quickmill:Aeja,  Anita, Aquila, Alexia, Carola, LaCerta, Milano, QM,67, Rapida, Pappa, Vetrano , Vetrano 2B, Silvano
  • Rocket Espresso: Giotto Premium Plus,Giotto Professional,Rocket Giotto Evoluzione,Cellini Premium Plus, Cellini Professional,Cellini Evoluzione,Cellini Classic,R58 Dual Boiler,R60v,
  • Rancilio : Fits Silvia V3
  • Promac coffee machines,Pro 300, ​​​​​​​ Pro 500, ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Pro 700
  • Profitec: E61 group
  • Vibiemme: Chimarea|Cubo |Vibiemme |Domobar |Evolution |Kometa | Lolla ||Mercury |Minimax |Replica, Revolution |Silver
​​​​​​​​​​​Wont fit:
  • La Marzocco KB90  
  • Quick mill Achille 0996 Lever model - Cick here for Achille
  • Quick Mill : Models with 3 fins - (OT0800PFN-PL​​​​​​​) Stretta 820, Retro 0835​​​​​​​, Orione 3000, 3002, ​​​​​​​Cassiopea 3004, Superiore 2835, 2820, Pegaso 3035, Evolution 70, 3245 ​​​​​​​(70mm wide xternal body)

Width: inc fins 82.7mm
Width: not inc fins 71 mm
Fins: Straight 26mm
Fins size:
Basket: 21 gram H28
Portafilter Depth:33mm
  • Solid stainless steel porta filter,SS filter basket spring and 18- 21g Stainless steel basket
  • Italian walnut handle: La Marzocco type
Vat is included in the price - removed at checkout if outside EU 
Please check the portafilter dimensions below, before you buy, as different manufactures have different portafilter sizes. ​​​​​​​
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Fits perfectly, looks and feels great!

1. The customer support @ Blue Star Coffee is amazing. I messaged them to check if this would fit my Rancilio Silvia, and they provided detailed feedback on that. It fits, btw, so you can buy this specific portafilter for your Rancilio Silvia.

2. The portafilter itself is great. The wood is nicely polished, but doesn't seem to be protected by anything. I covered the handle with two layers of Danish Oil - now it's water repellent and looks great!

3. The portafilter itself feels sturdy and nicely built, no complaints whatsoever. The basket that comes with it is okay, but I suggest you get something nicer like IMS.

Anton | Cork | November 2022

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