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Coffee face mask
Made from recycled plastic and coffee grounds - Fits well | anti fog | Reusable
Coffee grinder wooden  brush
Keep coffee grinder area clean
Grinder slim grounds brush Joe Frex
Keep coffee grinder area clean
Walnut  coffee grinder brush
Compact grinder brush to keep grinder area clean
Walnut coffee grinds brush
Walnut handle brush and leather tong.
Coffee grinds brush
Keep coffee grinder area clean
Easy clean  coffee grinder brush
2 brush's in 1 | Sweep grinds from knock drawer and grinder
Grinder grinds brush Red
Keep coffee grinder area clean
Grinder grounds brush Joe Frex
Due end of Sept.| Keep coffee grinder area clean
Walnut group head brush
Walnut group brush and leather tong
Group head Aluminium brush
Long group brush - no burnt fingers
Group head Aluminium brush head x 2
Replacement head for aluminium brush
Group head cleaning nylon brush
From €1.65 - Ideal for Home|Commercial machines
Joe Frex circular Group Head Brush  Large  58mm
Groups that use 58mm tampers
Joe Frex circular Group Head Brush Medium 55mm
Groups that use 57mm tampers
Joe Frex group head nylon brush
Due end of Sept.| From €2.99 Joe Frex
Long group head cleaning brush
Longer group brush - no burnt fingers
Group head Steaming brush new
Fits: 3 wand sizes - Quick and powerful cleaning
Easy clean  filter basket brush
Keep filter basket clean
Milk hose  brush 5mm
for perfect milk froth
Milk hose  brush 6mm  x 190mm
Cleans steel straw | silicon hose |
Steam wand brush set
Clean steam wand holes| Auto frother cleaner
Brass grinder teeth brush
keeps blades sharp and free from oils
Coffee brush's are an essential ingredient in any coffee environment.

Cleaning the coffee group, removes spent coffee coffee grounds from the group gasket.This is done typically before the backflushing of the coffee group. This is important as neglecting this, causes a build up of coffee grounds in the group gasket which allows coffee to escape during extraction, reducing the much coveted espresso cream. Group cleaning brushes are best replaced every 2-3 months as they will loose their effectiveness - they become wilted and bent.

Cleaning up the spent grinds after grinding removes the chaos and restores the Zen. Clean coffee area is the hallmark of a skilled craftsman.Coffee grinds tend to attach to the grinder by static and build up around the base 

Cleaning daily in a commercial environment is an important ritual that will all add up to consistent coffee excellence.