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Hario Filter Paper for 01 Dripper x 100
1-2 cups |From €3.99
Hario V60 Ceramic Coffee Dripper White 01
1-2 cups
Hario Filter Paper for 02 Dripper x 100
1-4 cups| From €4.50
Hario Mini Slim plus ceramic hand grinder
Restock September|24 Grams capacity- Quieter - Ceramic conic blades
Hario Skerton ceramic hand grinder plus
100 Grams capacity - Quieter - Ceramic conic blades
Joe Frex hario V60 Drip Kettle
Slow pour for 100% arabica and specialty coffees
Coffee digital scales and timer  3kg
Weight the coffee and time the brew time
Joe Frex Coffee bag clip  and spoon
Keeps coffee fresh |
Hario coffee makers offer a easy to use coffee makes for the home.

Hario coffee are ideal for a morning coffee as they provide a full strength coffee suited to the individual pallet.
With Hario coffee makers - waste coffee is easily disposed off and is fully combustible and perfect for compost - just add the Hario filter paper to the compost bin .easy ! 
Hario coffee filter papers are a green alternative to coffee capsules as they are suitable for compost bin.
Hario coffee is suitable for home or office use as it is easy to clean and quick to use.
Use 14 grams of filter coffee, into the Hario filter paper funnel -  per cup, pouring just of the boil water slowly into the specially made coffee funnel.
Hario coffee can be sent to UK Ireland for next day delivery and 2-3 days for Danmark,Deutchland, France or Netherlands.