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Elektra Micro casa

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Elektra Micro casa portafilter
Lever models made after 2000
Beechwood  coffee Tamper 51mm
La Pavoni Made after 2000 Blk|Red|Natural
Descale tablets  x  10
Dissolves automatically
Digital temperature probe
Due back March 2020
Gicar flowmeter
Flowmeter complete
Gicar flowmeter  lid
Flowmeter complete
Iberital  3/8" Boiler Safety Valve
Generic 3/8" Safety valve
Joefrex Espresso spoon set
6 x Unique Espresso spoons
Joefrex espresso tool
Essential multi tool for espresso care
La Pavoni Filter Basket Double 50mm
LaPavoni before 2000|Elektra domestic,|Olympia,
La Pavoni Filter Basket Single 50mm
LaPavoni before 2000 |Elektra domestic| Olympia
La Pavoni lever shower screen 52mm old group
Fits models made before 2000
Mini Espresso Knock out drawer 20cm
20 cm wide - prefect for wider grinders and some home machines.
Motta knock box
PULY  Descaler sachets x 10
Universal descaler
Puly Caff cleaner sachets x 10
Cleans: Group|Portafilter|Shower
The Grounds Cub  knock out  drawer 14cm
Slim fit for Eureka Mignon, Ascaso steel or I Mini grinders
The Grounds Cub Mini knock out  drawer black walnut
Neatly fits under the grinder
Urnex Descal Descaler sachets x 5
Universal descaler
Vibration pump Gaggia/Rancillio Ulka EX5 110V
Ulka Type EX5 110V 41W