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Airscape is made by Montana USA-based Planetary Design which is considered the world leader in coffee storage.
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1 - 9 of 9 Products

What is Airscape?

Airscape® is your go-to airless coffee storage system.

These better-than-airtight storage containers force oxygen out of the canister, rather than trapping it in, using innovative inner lid technology. Airscape® is reusable & refillable and is ideal for storing more than just coffee – tea, spices, pet treats & more will stay fresh today, and fresh tomorrow with Airscape®.

How Long Does Coffee Last in the Airscape Coffee Container?

If you keep the coffee in an Airscape® container in a cool dry place then it can stay fresh for several weeks.

Are  Airscape Coffee Containers airtight?

Yes -Airscape® is airtight.   It has 2 lids to keep air from getting at the beans, which not only locks out humidity but removes air from the canister too!  with its vacuum plunger and two-way valve.