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              Dream PID 230V Handmade in Barcelona
The iphone of home coffee machines


With the Dream PID, you can adjust the temperature of the boiler to suit your blend coffee.
Coffee stops automatically, for a single shot or a double shot  - you choose the size of the shot and how long it should take. ie single 30cl shot - 23 sec Double 60 cl 30 sec

Some specialty 100% arabica coffees burn at 90ºC, so being able to adjust the temperature of the water means that you can use any blend of coffee and it won't burn!
Volumetric coffee control ensures a standard single 30cl shot or double 60cl shot each time.
You can even adjust the pre-infusion for longer soak times.
The machine can be put in standby mode for quicker turn-on time.

              PID options :

Adjust Pre-infusion: Decide how much of a pre-soak you need before extraction - perfect for more coffee cream.
Adjust     Coffee quantity: Preset coffee shots are ideal when you want to make a single or double shot - it will stop automatically.
Adjust     Pump pressure: After a few years the pump may lose its power and  that can easily be rectified by adjusting the OPV
Adjust     The temperature of the boiler to suit your blend coffee and adjust the dose of coffee dose. The PID is very handy if you need to make the shot at the exact temperature ie 92ºC - you can change boiler temperature from 85ºC - 110ºC via PID screen.
Adjust     Standby: Decide when the machine powers down to standby mode  30 Min. 60 Min. or 2 hours

Adjust     Coffee timer: Decide if you want it turned on or off
Adjust     Temperature: Choose Celsius or Fahrenheit Display shows up to 5 alarms.



See water level in tank with internal light                                                    Stainless steel portafilters


Walnut portafilter and steam handle with ascaso logo engraved at base and stainless steel body |          Pump pressure - See coffee extracted at 9 bar pressure - pump pressure is adjustable 

Volumetric coffee 1 shot or 2 shots - you set the volume                            Non burn  steam arm                  
58mm Competition filter basket - uses 58mm tamper for tight fit                                    Adjust the pump pressure                         


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