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Handmade in Barcelona
Ascaso Steel DUO plus 230V
New for 11/2023

The ascaso steel duo PID plus is the latest innovation from ascaso and comes with a host of new improvements and extra goodies - see below
There are duel boilers in this version - one for coffee and one for steam at the same time -  You can have steam and coffee in 2 min.
Because the Steel has a thermoblock you can make coffee 2 min after switch on - no waiting for the boiler to heat up like conventional duel boiler coffee machines + it will not run out of steam when in steam mode, unlike models with a single boiler.

Set the temperature of the steam steam - From 110°C to 165°C-  New for 2023
PID Models advantages 
Some specialty 100% arabica coffees burn at 90ºC, so being able to adjust the temperature of the water means that you can use any blend of coffee and it won't burn!
Volumetric coffee control ensures a standard single 30cl shot or double 60cl shot each time.
You can even adjust the pre-infusion for longer soak times.
The machine can be put in standby mode for quicker turn-on time.

 With the Ascaso PID you can:

  • Adjust Pre-infusion: Decide how much of a pre-soak you need before extraction - perfect for more coffee cream.
  • Adjust    Coffee quantity: Preset coffee shots are ideal when you want to make a single or double shot - it will stop automatically.
  • Adjust    Pump pressure: After a few years the pump may lose its power and  that can easily be rectified by adjusting the OPV
  • Adjust   The coffee temperature of the boiler to suit your blend coffee and adjust the dose of coffee dose. The PID is very handy if you need to make the shot at the exact temperature ie 92ºC - you can change boiler temperature from 85ºC - 110ºC via PID screen.
  • Adjust    Coffee timer: Decide if you want it turned on or off.
  • Adjust    Temperature: Choose Celsius or Fahrenheit Display shows up to 5 alarms.
  • Adjust    Standby: Decide when the machine powers down to standby mode  30 Min. 60 Min. or 2 hours.
  • Adjust   The steam temperature - you can change boiler temperature from 110°C to 165°C. via PID screen. New for 2022


DUO plus  

This is what comes with this version as well as all the features of Steel DUO PID
  •  NEW  Joy stick steam valve
  •  NEW  Food-grade green silicone filter holder gasket
  •  NEW  Competition shower
  •  NEW  Stainless steel coffee tamper
  •  NEW  Two steam tips (1 and 3 holes)
  •  NEW  Two complete Filterholders. 2 coffees & bottomless.
  •  NEW  Five Filters (7,14,18,21, Blind)
  •  NEW  Stainless steel steam tap
  •  NEW  Wire stainless steel tray removable
  1. More steam power is gained by increasing the working surface of the steam circuit.
  2. Extra steam pressure can be generated just by delaying the opening of the tap after activating the system.
  3. Our new software algorithm has increased the power of steam in 25%!!

Joystick steam valve

This is a professional and more ergonomic solution adapted to Home use.
It is easier to use and improves control capability. A “natural”, smooth, and intuitive movement.

 Silicone Gasket

. Can withstand temperatures of up to 100º. and have double the normal lifespan of standard high-quality rubber seal rings. Food-safe material. In green. Odorless and tasteless.

Design: Specially designed rubber seal rings. Thick and flexible. The silicone makes engaging the portafilter easier thus less effort and strain on your wrists.

  1. Competition shower

    AISI 304 stainless steel. Integrated membrane, completely smooth surface avoiding coffee residue deposits, which increases its useful life and facilitates cleaning.

    Provides uniform water distribution, improving extractions.

    98 holes Ø3mm

Pump pressure gauge - See coffee extracted at 9 bar pressure | Stainless steel portafilter - Naked and double
Volumetric coffee 1 shot or 2 shots - you set the volume   | Choice of 2 steam tips  - 1 hole (Ø 01mm)   3 holes (Ø 0,75mm)

We have developed some videos where we explicitly explain how to make a cappuccino with both outlets. You can see it on our website. Watch video.

    5 x Competition 58mm basket 7gr, 14gr, 18gr, 21gr and Blind.                 Adjust the pump pressure with easy access OP valve

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