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Tamper Station

 A coffee tamper station is one of the best tools to have for making great espresso. 

A. Stores your coffee tamper when not in use. B. Used to hold the portafilter in place when tamping. C. Prevents damage to the worktop

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A coffee tamper station is very useful when tamping, as it will allow you to position your portafilter, so you can tamp level  - no more tamping skewing. The portafilter is held in place allowing you to execute a level tamp. 

Motta now produces wooden tamper portafilter stations that will store both your coffee tampers and wooden needle distributer wdt tool all in one handy place – while matching your wooden portafilter and tamper. Motta has also produced a new one for 2023 a tool tidy, which will hold, up to 2 portafilters, a tamper, a needle distributer, and even have room for a group head cleaning brush