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Crema Pro Coffee Knock Box

The best place to dispose of spent coffee pucks is a knock box – simply bang the portafilter firmly on the knock bar, and the dry puck will fall into the knock box and be disposed into the compost heap.

We carry a large range of knock boxes - Choose from (A) Coffee Knock Chute (B) Coffee Knock Tube (C) Home Knock Box  (D) Commercial Knock Box


To make the perfect coffee you need the best accessories

1 - 6 of 6 Products
1 - 6 of 6 Products

coffee  knock tube coffee  knock tube Home knock boxes such as Joe Frex Basic will be held in place and won't move, with the aid of the silicon ring underneath, which will absorb the impact of the portafilter. Joe Frex's wooden knock box will match walnut handles and is easy to empty.

Coffee chutes such as the Edo and Rhinoware coffee chute are inserted into the counter, and spent grounds are disposed into a refuse waster bin underneath. The coffee chute is ideal in a busy environment where the café uses more than 1kg per day.

For busy commercial environments that use in excess of 1kg daily the  Crema Pro Coffee Knock Tube and Rhinowares thumpa coffee knock tube can hold up to 3 kg of spent grounds at a time. Spend grinds are easily disposed of in the waste bag, delicate electronic grinders are protected from constant banging on the counter and the Barista suffers less fatigue – less tennis elbow. even have a tabletop Rhino ware thumpa only  33cm tall, for easy knocking out and less barista arm fatigue

Crema Pro are market leader in their home country Australia and has over 20 years of experience in the coffee industry

From tampers and tamper mats to knock bins, cocoa shakers, milk thermometers, and group head brushes, all your accessory needs are covered. Available in a range of classic colors, Crema Pro is the perfect choice to get delicious-tasting coffee every time.