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Delonghi Group Shower Screens

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Blue Star Coffee carries one of the largest choices of shower screens available in Europe - Choose from 75 + shower screens

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1 - 2 of 2 Products

How do I clean shower screens? 

While daily backflushing keeps most debris from the shower screen you still need to clean it every week. Shower screens need to be removed every week for a deep clean. Unscrew or push off the E61 shower screen and leave in a solution of Puly clean or Urnex for 10 min, remove and rinse off with clean water.

How to remove espresso shower screens?

  1. The top tip for shower removal is to make sure you don't damage the screw  - ensure the Shower Screen Screwdriver is at right angles and screw anti-clockwise "Lefty loosey and right tighty " applies.💡Top tip - only hand tightens the screw, when screwing back into the group - otherwise it will be difficult to remove. Care should be taken when removing the group screw - only use a screwdriver that fits the screw otherwise you can sheer the screw.
  2. Replace the screw at the same time, to ensure the screw was not damaged.

When should I replace the shower screens?

Espresso shower screens should be replaced every 2/3 years. If not changed frequently the burned coffee sugars, not removed during back flushing, will add bitterness to the shot. When replacing the group gasket you should remove the shower screen and check that it is not blocked with burned carbonated coffee sugars - these particles contaminate the shot and add bitterness. If when the shower is viewed up against the naked light, and has more than 15% blocked - then you should replace the shower screen.

What are the different types of shower screens?

  • Flat - Typically slightly concave and can include a wire membrane. Flat shower screens are found on many machines including Ascaso. Astoria, Lelit, Cimbali, Fracino, Gaggia , San Marco, Wega
  • Deep - The shower is inserted into the brass shower holder and held in place with a screw. Deep shower screens are found on Bezzera, Carimali, Marzocco, Synesso, Simonelli, Slayer, Delonghi, Pavoni Breville, and Rancilio coffee machines. 
  • E61 - Found on E61 coffee groups - these shower screens are pushed on and have no screws. They also come with a double screen, flat screen, or a wire membrane. They can be removed 
  • Competition - Precision shower screens come with nanotechnology for easy cleaning, flat, deep, or E61 shower screens. 

WM Features:
-  Caulking design features a very high filtering power of 35 µm that guarantees an even distribution of water on the coffee 
-  Blocks the passage of extraction residue during the drying process-  keeping the group clean - like new.
-  Protects both the group and the solenoid valve from deterioration caused by dirt. carries most shower screens for most home and commercial coffee machines including Ascaso, Astoria, Bezzera, Breville, Brasilia, Conti, Cimbali, Delonghi, Gaggia, Lelit, Rancilio, Reneka, Fracino,  CMA, Sage, Wega and more.