EDO Dynamo-Metric Pressurised Tamper  €54.99

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  • 53mm tamper fits
  • 58.3mm tamper fits
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This Italian-made coffee tamper has an adjustable tamping pressure range from a minimum to a maximum of 11kg to 16kg. Easy to calibrate the tamping pressure - by twisting the handle up or down for min or maximum pressure. 

Level tamping with the wide top results in a perfectly flat horizontal surface for even and consistent extractions.



  • It eliminates inconsistent tamping - 1 pressure is applied for all tamping.
  • 64mm wide base fits on top of the basket for level tamping. - No more skewed or unlevel tamping!
  • Adjustable tamping pressure ranges from a minimum to a maximum of 11kg to 16kg.
  • Calibrated lines to indicate the pressure adjustment - each line is 2kg of pressure.
  • Helps prevent repetitive strain injuries - (a common issue with worn grinder blades)


  • Tamping face: Flat
  • Material: Stainless steel base
  • Base Diameter: 58.3mm or 53mm
  • Handle Material: Anodised aluminum.
  • Height: 100mm
  • Weight: 400g
  • Made in Milan by one of Italy's top tamper makers. 
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