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Fluid O Tech Water Pumps-Rotary

Coffee machines use vibration pumps for tank-filled machines and rotary vane pumps are for plumbed machines. Rotary vane pumps are available in steel or brass and come with adjustable pump pressure nut.

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What are rotary vane coffee pumps?

Rotary vane coffee pumps, such as Procon, Fluid O Tech, and Nuert and are used to pump water from the water mains into the coffee machines' water boiler, using an electric motor. They are usually fitted internally in the coffee machine or can be fitted outside the coffee machine, so you can adjust the pump pressure, more easily. Most rotary vane coffee pumps, such as Fluid O Tech, and Nuert are made in Italy, and Procon rotary vane pumps are made in Dublin, Ireland.

Rotary vane pumps have a life span of 4-6 years depending on use. They can get blocked when debris in the water gets into the ball bearings and prevent the shaft from rotating. Always best practice to fit a sediment filter on the water inlet part of the pump to prevent pump blockage and a pre-sediment filter in the case of seasonal debris getting into the water table.

Should I replace my rotary vane coffee pump?

  1. If you are still losing coffee cream after adjusting the pressure nut at the side - then you should replace the pump.
  2. If your pump - sounds noisy and no water comes from the group and the pressure gauge is at 3-4 bars - your pump could be blocked - then you should replace the pump.

What causes rotary vane pumps to fail?

  1. The most common reason for pump failure is the bearing in the pump gets rusted or id debris gets into the pump. The ball bearings are made from of stainless steel but they can get rusty, particularly if the machine is not in use during winter months and sited near the sea.
  2. Another common cause for rotary pump failure is road works - a water pipe bursts and sand or rust gets into the water supply. They will get caught in the bearings and seize the pump.
  3. An uncommon reason for pump failure is holiday villages. The water reservoir would be filled up to the maximum during peak season May - to Sept., this will agitate the rust in the water reservoir and these small metal dust like particle will stick to the pump bearings and electro solenoid valves - causing the pump to seize up.

How do I know if my rotary vane pump has failed?

  • The only sure way to tell if your pump has failed is to dismount it and try to twist the rod by hand. If it does not swivel easily or is hard to turn then the metal ball bearings inside are rusted and the rod will not rotate.

How can I prevent my pump from failing again?

  1. Fitting a sediment filter directly into the pump will catch most sediment from getting into the bearings.
  2. For seaside towns or seasonal tourist spots that are likely to have rust in the water system, you should fit a pre-sediment water filter. The sediment filter is a low-tech approach and rust and smaller particles will get caught in the cotton sediment filter. This sediment filter is placed before the water softener or water filter. The Brita water filter will not prevent the pump from getting blocked.

How do I replace a rotary vane pump?

  1. Rotary vane pumps are easy to replace, approx. 30- 40 minutes.
  2. Before replacing check that the shaft rotates - sometimes they can be stiff, and you may have to use a pliers. The shaft should turn easily.
  3. Turn off the water mains.
  4. Open up the machine and undo the two braided water pipes - don't get them mixed up - one is for the water inlet and one goes to the boiler hydraulic system. If the nuts do not come off easily - insert a wrench onto the nut and tap gently with another wrench. "Lefty loosy Righty tighty"
  5. Remove the pump and check that the shaft is indeed hard to rotate - it you cannon twist by hand then replace the pump..
  6. The original fittings are attached to the pump - usually glued are can be difficult to remove. You can install a Rotary Vane Pump 3/8 Filter Fitting or Rotary Vane Pump 3/8 X 3/8M to the new pump using PTFE Sealing Tape to make the seal.
  7. Install the new fittings to the pump, fit the pump and tighten the Rotary Vane Pump Clasp.
  8. Turn on the water mains and check for leaks - finally turn on the machine and switch on the coffee button -- check for leaks - if no leaks then you are one - go get a coffee!

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