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IMS competition baskets & shower screens

IMS was established in Pavia Italy in 1946. IMS stands for Industria Pavese Materiali Stampati.

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1 - 48 of 58 Products

IMS ( Industria Pavese Materiali Stampati)  launched the IMS competition series in 2011 and is now the leading competition basket and shower screen manufacturer, making IMS, Barista Pro and E&B and other competition baskets/shower screens for leading coffee machine manufacturers.

Since the beginning of the competition basket journey, IMS has made shower screens for most manufacturers in Europe and beyond.

What competition baskets and shower screens do IMS make?

  • The 68 Filter Basket and The Single 68 series were made to fit La Cimbali Gaggia, Carimali, and Reneka - with a 68mm wide basket- the wider 70mm baskets tend to get stuck in the group head.
  • The Barista Pro series was made to fit most other brands such as Bezzera, Profitec, EMS, Rocket, Expobar, Marzocco, Slayer, and more, with the industry standard 70mm wide baskets.
  • IMS make E&B LAB, since 2016, with the industry standard 70mm wide baskets. E&B LAB makes the superfine  B702TH24SF, a new range of baskets for a drier puck - The basket acts like a 2nd shower screen so keeps the puck dry and helps prevent channeling. E&B LAB also makes the Nanotech range of baskets B702TFH20NT and B702THFH22 and has 74 more holes than IMS/BaristaPro baskets, for even greater crema, so grind may have to be made finer. E&B LAB Nano Shower Screen E61200RNT is now one of the most popular E61 shower screens, due to its easy-to-clean and dry puck properties, the wire gauze on the outside acts like a 2nd shower screen so slows the extraction a little to add extra crema, and dry pucks.
  • IMS started production of the Breville Sage in 2021 with the B62.5 2TH IMS basket and,  BV200IM Shower Screen. These baskets and shower screens allow you to maximize the shot for your machine.
  • In the same year, the Delonghi range was born with the DH2Th series which fits Isomec and Smeg as well as Delonghi and Delonghi DL200IM Shower Screen for Delonghi models.
  • IMS produces competition for Lelit Anna Anita Diana Grace with Lelit Double Basket B642Th and Ci35WM Shower Screen.
  • IMS produces Spaziale double basket B652TH and Spaziale Shower Screen Set SPD200IM for the Spaziale range.
  • IMS produces 2 baskets and 2 shower screens for La Pavoni lever Europiccola B602TH and PA200IM54 for models made after 20000, and PA200IM54B582TH for models made before 20000

Are IMS competition baskets better than stock baskets?

The answer is a resounding yes!

Precision or competition baskets are better than stock baskets and nothing will give bang for the buck like changing your stock baskets  to precision baskets.

  1. Overall you get a better crema, a fuller extraction, and a full-bodied mouthfeel from the cup. You will probably have to make the grind a litter finer to reflect the extra holes but you will not be disappointed.
  2. The hole area in IMS baskets is greater ø 49 mm, there are more holes and each hole is uniform in size. The holes are circular with Conical Cross Section, for a better coffee flow without obstruction.
  3. The base will be smooth and no perforation burrs are left so the diameter of the perforation is completely uniform.
  4. Electro polishing: Removes all traces of roughness of the material and ensures an easy expulsion of the coffee puck.