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How to use a Moka pot

Follow these step-by-step instructions for using a Moka pot. 

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STEP 1: Heat the water

  • You can use cold water, but it is better to use hot water - this way the coffee will not burn - which is important for 100% arabica varieties.
  • Boil the kettle to 94°c or when it reaches boiling wait 5 min until the temp drops.

STEP 2: Add the hot water to the Moka pot

  • Fill the water up to the valve - it is filled beyond this it will spill out on the stock making a mess.

STEP 3: Weigh your coffee

  • Place the base of the Moka pot on a scale. ( water is already in the base) -
  • Tare the scale.
  • Typically a 3-cup Moka Pot takes about 150g of water and approx about 20g of coffee - the grind should be about as fine as table salt. 
  • Traditionally the coffee is filled to the top creating a mound and the lid is screwed back on. The screening tamps the coffee - don't tamp the coffee !!  or you will get no coffee at all, as the already fine coffee, will be too compressed.
  • Remove the brewer from the scale. Screw the top and bottom together using a heat-resistant towel. 

STEP 4: Bring to the stove

  • You can use gas or electric stove top
  • Turn on the heat -  Make sure the handle is well away from the heat.
  • Leave the top lid slightly open.
  • When coffee will begin to come out of the spout - Close the lid slightly 
  • Let the coffee fill 1/3 full for an Espresso type coffee - this is added to either hot milk or hot water to make a cappuccino or americano.
  • Let the coffee fill 2/3 full for a strong coffee - This is a strong drink and technically you will burn the coffee to get it this far.
  • Remove the Moka pot from the heat and pour immediately.


How to use a Moka pot to make a Latte

A little controversial but doable.

  • Fill the top of the pot with milk - Maximum 1/3 full!
  • Let the espresso come out 1/3 so the maximum of coffee and milk is now 2/3 of the top of the pot.
  • Pour the mixture into the cups provided.
  • Rinse the pot immediately with water - otherwise, the milk will stick to the aluminum pot - you don't want that !!
  • The latte will be hot so let cool down.
  • This is a great particularly handy way of making a latte if camping or on a boat - just store the milk in a coll place.

How to clean a Moka pot.

  • Most Moka pots are made from aluminum and are not dishwasher safe - if aluminum is put into a dishwasher - it will tarnish and look like lead.
  • Always rinse the pot after each use - never leave old stale water to sit, as you will have a mineral buildup that is hard to remove.
  • Hand wash the Moka pot with warm water and a soft-bristled brush.- never use a descaler on aluminum - it will tarnish and look like lead.