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Joe Frex Portafilter Baskets

Blue Star Coffee carries one of the largest choices of portafilter baskets available in Europe - Choose from 100 + portafilter baskets. 

Joe Frex has been designing and making espresso tools in Germany since 1996.
With Joe Frex you are assured of quality and the experience of 27 years of innovation.


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1 - 1 of 1 Products

What are the different width and heights of portafilter baskets?

  1. Flat basket: Tamp all the way down to the base and are found on naked portafilters.
  2. Round tapered baskets: Tapered baskets concentrate the extraction and fit tapered or rounded portafilter body.
  3. Nanotech: Easy clean and easy puck ejection in Single, double or triple sizes.
  4. Single, double, and triple sizes.

Why use a portafilter triple basket?

Originally used with triple spouts for triple espresso shots in Italian espresso bars Triple baskets are mainly found in naked portafilters and in deeper-bodied portafilters today.

Single Filter Basket design can make a difference in extraction. The deep conic basket can improve the extraction and increase the crema. 

IMS has developed a high-quality coating to further improve the surface of its filters using quartz nanotechnology. Thanks to its non-stick property, this coating makes it easier to remove used coffee pucks and it also makes it easier to clean, thereby rendering the antibacterial nature of the surfaces extremely effective.

  • The advantage of this technology is its hydro-repellent effect - water is reflected back into the coffee puck.
  • The coating makes it easier to remove used coffee pods, and it also makes it easier to clean thereby rendering the antibacterial nature of the surfaces extremely effective.
  • Non-stick coating made of NANOQUARTZ increases the resistance to corrosion and chemical reaction.

How to clean a portafilter basket?

Portafilter baskets need to be soaked in a cleaning solution every evening in a commercial environment to remove burnt or carbonated coffee sugars. Use a filter basket remover such as Crowbar Filter Basket Remover to pop off the basket with ease. Should the basket fall off during banging into knockbox the filter basket spring should be adjusted or replaced. 

Welcome to the [JoeFrex]® coffee collection

Established in 1996, JoeFrex has been specializing in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of prime-quality coffee and espresso tools & accessories for more than twenty years. Dedicated to continuous innovation and the development of original design concepts, the company has established a prestigious reputation for high-end products and outstanding manufacturing standards with business partners on all five continents.

Blue Star Coffee offers a wide range of espresso accessories like tampers, tamping stations, milk pitchers, knock boxes, and knock-out drawer bases for portafilter machines, as well as cleaning products and professional equipment for cafes, bars, restaurants, barista and coffee roasters.

Where is Joe Frex Based?

Joe Frex is based in Nuremberg Germany

When was Joe Frex established ?

By 1996 his fledgling business had become so successful that Joerg, as the next logical step, created his company JoeFrex GmbH, with a dynamic team of collaborators. Since then, [JoeFrex]® has become a household name with coffee lovers, barista and professionals in the coffee, roasting and catering industry, even in many foreign countries. National and international clients alike appreciate Rexroth’s uncompromising commitment to quality, service and customer satisfaction - as well as his friendly nature and his open ear for feedback and suggestions.