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Lelit was founded by the Epis family in the 1980s in Baitella, Italy, with a focus on ironing systems before eventually transitioning into home espresso machines. The company’s machines range from small, single-boiler semi-automatic machines to dual-boiler, feature-rich prosumer machines like the Bianca. In 2022 Lelit joined the Breville group, to make up a formidable line up which includes Bartazza grinders.

Puly Caff Starter Kit
Puly Caff Descaler Sachets X 10
Puly Caff green Grinder Cleaner Box X 10
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Lelit spare parts prosumer range for the home includes the E61 group machines such as Mara X and dual boiler Bianca and smaller single group home machines such as Lelit Giulietta, Glenda, Silvana, Kate, Victoria,Elizabeth, Lelit Anna PL041, Lelit Anita PL42, Lelit Dianna PL60, Lelit Grace PL81