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This competition leveler is designed to reduce channeling for competition baskets such as IMS VST  E&B. 
It is is height adjustable - may be a little stiff when new - screw off the top anti-clockwise to make the leveler deeper.
Made in Italy by one of Italy's top tamper and coffee accessories factories - to high standards and is heavily weighted at 400 grams. 
Not to be confused with lighter levelers, which don't have the weight, to allow even compacting.

Before you tamp the coffee - using this leveler will allow you to obtain the correct density, which will minimize channeling and increase coffee extraction, ensuring greater consistency in the amount of espresso served.

Weight: 397grams
Width: 58.4 mm 
Height: 25mm - 33mm (inc top)
Material: Stainless steel base and black matt metal painted  top


  1. The Motta leveler has 3 angled slopes that consistently, efficiently, and evenly glide the coffee around in a circle to create a puck of even density. No more inconsistencies between baristas' distribution in the café.
  2. This Motta coffee leveler creates a perfectly flat surface to tamp upon, creating more consistent puck density. Baristas can leave a slight mound or indentation in the coffee, which means they tamp down inconsistencies in the puck density.
  3. This Motta coffee leveler can be adjusted to suit a range of doses, depending on specific roasting styles. This tool can even suit those using very low doses or larger baskets.
  4. No more dirty, cracked coffee fingers after a day of service on the espresso machine.
  5. Less channelling & micro-channelling - improper or rushed distribution, is more likely to channel which effects taste.
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