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Motta Barista Tools

Your coffee journey started with a coffee machine and now you need the right barista tools to get the best your coffee machine can offer.
Blue Star Coffee offer a range of barista coffee tools. From handy little tools like the Filter Basket Remover, Gasket and O Ring Pick and Hook Set to the Wood Needle Distirbuter Wdt Tool and Joe Frex Latte Art Gift Sets, you are sure to find what you are looking for.

Metallurgica Motta products are completely manufactured in its own factory in Piedmont Italy - northwest of Milan since 1967

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1 - 2 of 2 Products

Barista Tools

How do you get the best coffee cream?

To get great espresso coffee cream you need the correct barista tools. 

How long does it take to extract coffee?

You need to know how long it takes to extract the coffee and have the correct quantity of coffee.  

A typical espresso shot traditionally would take 7 grams of Italian espresso blend to pour 30cl of espresso and the pour should take between 18 and 23 seconds. Coffee shower pucks are used to reduce channeling, slow down the water extraction and keep the shower screen clean.

If you cannot control the temperature of coffee coming from the group you can use a Lower Shower Puck Screen Thick to cool the coffee extraction and slow it down. If you own a machine with a E61 group or Lever group you will need to lubricate the pistons and camshaft. Molykote grease and Kluberlub and SuperLube are food safe and last a long time before you need to relubricate the pistons.

Metallurgica Motta specializes in professional and household items made of stainless steel.

What makes Motta so special?

  • Motta is one of the top barista espresso accessories, used by top Baristas the world over.
  • The Motta Europa range of jugs is used in the World Barista Championships in many countries.
  • Motta was one of the main innovators with their range of Motta Adjustable Leveler 58.5mm.
  • The Motta Coffee Dosing Cup fits 57mm and 58mm portafilters and competition baskets such as IMS and E&B