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Motta Coffee Cups

You cannot enjoy a decent coffee unless you have a proper coffee cup. From Cafe Caravaggio Espresso Gift Box to Motta Steel Cappuccino Cup Set for outdoor use to Cerve Glass affogato cup x 6 for summer drinks and entertaining guests or as a luxury gift set, you are sure to find the perfect coffee cup at Blue Star Coffee.

Metallurgica Motta products are completely manufactured in its own factory in Piedmont Italy - northwest of Milan since 1967

1 - 2 of 2 Products
1 - 2 of 2 Products

Cafe Caravaggio Espresso. has produced a special coffee cup - Italian designed by Giorgio Tediolione so that you don't have to heat  - as it is made from fine bone china - pour the espresso directly into the cup without losing temperature.

Motta produces a stainless steel coffee cup and cappuccino cups for travel - travel anywhere without having to worry about breaking your favorite espresso or cappuccino cup. Nothing can beat an after-dinner affogato in a Glass affogato cup - Ice cream add a shot of hot espresso and a shot of coffee liqueur make for a perfect end to a summer evening. 

Double-wall Delonghi thermal shot glasses are ideal for viewing your espresso shot pour - see the crema develop and troubleshoot the grinder if the correct crema does not appear. Delonghi Double wall cappuccino glass and latte glass are perfect for summer Frappe Frappuccino and cold coffees - and no cold hands, as well as making terrific gifts for decerning coffee lovers.

Commercial coffee cups are dense and heavy in order to keep the temperature of the cup warm, so when the coffee is poured the drink is still hot. Espresso poured directly into a cold cup is a recipe for disaster. You should preheat the espresso cup 1st with boiling hot water. This ensures that the cup is hot so the espresso does not lose its temperature and also does not stick to the cup after drinking - a wet cup ensures that you will get all the espresso crema

Metallurgica Motta specializes in professional and household items made of stainless steel.

What makes Motta so special?

  • Motta is one of the top barista espresso accessories, used by top Baristas the world over.
  • The Motta Europa range of jugs is used in the World Barista Championships in many countries.
  • Motta was one of the main innovators with their range of Motta Adjustable Leveler 58.5mm.
  • The Motta Coffee Dosing Cup fits 57mm and 58mm portafilters and competition baskets such as IMS and E&B