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Motta Portafilter Funnel

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A portafilter funnel is designed to collect the coffee grinds, that would normally fall outside the portafilter.

The Motta 40mm and 60mm portafilter funnel is ideal for commercial coffee grinders, where the chute distance is greater– they fit into 54mm 57mm, and 58mm portafilters.

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Metallurgica Motta products are completely manufactured in its own factory in Piedmont Italy - northwest of Milan since 1967

Motta Coffee Dosing Cup
Motta Coffee Funnel 40mm
Motta Coffee Funnel 60mm
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Portafilter Funnel

Why should I use a portafilter funnel?

  • The new wormhole portafilter funnel is light and magnetic and will not fall off the portafilter.
  • The Edo wormhole portafilter funnel is not just a portafilter funnel but something that can change the taste of the extracted coffee, as the magnets inside the funnel change the polarization of the coffee cells. - Magnets are balanced, with north and south poles alternating, resulting in a rounder and more balanced coffee extraction.

How to use a portafilter funnel?

  • Easy to use – just insert the portafilter funnel into the portafilter – insert the portafilter under the grinder chute – coffee will be dispensed into the basket. The 4 magnets in the lightweight funnel ensure that the portafilter funnel remains in place.
  • Remove the portafilter funnel, WDT, distribute, and tamp – simples.
Motta Logo

Metallurgica Motta specializes in professional and household items made of stainless steel.

What makes Motta so special?

  • Motta is one of the top barista espresso accessories, used by top Baristas the world over.
  • The Motta Europa range of jugs is used in the World Barista Championships in many countries.
  • Motta was one of the main innovators with their range of Motta Adjustable Leveler 58.5mm.
  • The Motta Coffee Dosing Cup fits 57mm and 58mm portafilters and competition baskets such as IMS and E&B