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Milk jug rinsers are now an essential part of any commercial coffee establishment.

Milk jugs or keep cups can now be rinsed in seconds. For milk jugs - they cool the jug back to operating temp so you can get a rich silky froth for flat whites. For customers who wish to do their bit for the environment, they have their keeps cups rinsed before putting the coffee into them


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What is a milk jug pitcher rinser?

Commercial milk jug rinsers will cool down the jug and clean out any residual milk - perfect if using different kinds of milk such as Soy or Oat milk. Also used for rinsing the customer's own Keep cup.

How does the milk jug pitcher rinser work?

Shooting pressurised jets of water into the milk jug or coffee cup while it is upside-down, will remove any residual build of milk or coffee. 

Should I use hot or cold water in a milk jug pitcher rinser?

For cleaning milk jugs you need to use pressurised cold water .. Cold water will drop the temperature of the jug back down to almost fridge temperature which is what is needed to achieve micro milk foam.

Which is better a recessed milk jug rinser or a countertop milk jug pitcher rinser?

A Rinser Counter Top milk jug pitcher rinser is the easiest solution - pop on the counter and no need to cut a hole to insert it into. you just need a place for the water waste - a sink can be used for the drain pipe for example and the mains water can be split using a Universal Y Fitting 3/4 X 3/4 X 3/4 to divert the water pipe.