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Water Filters

Water filters have 2 main functions: 

Protecting the coffee machine from mineral damage  and Enhancing the taste of the water.

Purity C Quell ST cartridge water filters have been specially developed for use in the coffee industry.  98% of your espresso is water which is made up of different minerals including calcium and magnesium which affects the appearance, taste, and aroma of your coffee. 


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1 - 23 of 23 Products

Water filters reduce the carbonate hardness in the water, thus avoiding scale deposits on crucial areas, including valves and copper pipes. electro, stat, when changed at regular intervals which can coat the element, block the micro channels of the coffee group, the pressure build-up. 

PURITY C water filters prevent lime. 
In best case scenarios lime build up can cause a reduction in steam preventing cappuccino froth and increase your electrical consumption, in worst cases it can block the coffee group stopping the coffee altogether.