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Commercial coffee grinders

Eureka and Fiorenzato are on-demand grinders for busy coffee shops. 

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1 - 16 of 16 Products

What is an on-demand grinder?

On-demand grinders don't have a silo - coffee is ground directly into the portafilter. This ensures coffee is fresh and the foreground is not waiting and oxidising in the silo. Silo grinders traditionally were used in busy establishments and coffee did not sit around for long, but if business was quiet then coffee was going to stale quickly.

What is important when choosing a commercial coffee grinder?

  1. Choose an on-demand grinder for creamy fresh coffee - coffee is ground on demand and not going stale in a silo.
  2. Choose a grinder with hardened steel so you don't have to change the blades every year.
  3. Choose a grinder with easy-to-change burrs - Burrs will dull over time so the timer has to be changed - new burrs will mean faster grinding times and creamy coffee.
  4. Choose a grinder with 64mm burr or bigger for faster grinding times.