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Shot Glasses for Espresso

Italian espresso is the pinnacle of coffee art, a masterpiece that professional baristas can accurately recreate after extended training. The assortment of measuring accessories presented here is the first step towards mastering the perfect coffee brewing skill. First-class shot glasses for espresso will help beginners and professionals learn how to correctly serve the drink portions and preserve the original flavour and aroma before serving directly. The Blue Star Coffee catalogue offers a wide selection of premium quality espresso shot & measuring glasses for baristas from trusted suppliers. Find here everything you need to prepare and serve the best coffee, which will become the hallmark of your coffee shop, bar, or restaurant!

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3oz Triple Spout  shot glass
Commercial quality
Espresso  2oz  shot glass
Heavyweight commercial shot glass
Double wall  thermal shot glass  x 2
Calibrated shot glass x 2
Espresso calibration  glass x 1
Essential tool for setting the grind
Espresso shot glass Joe Frex
💰From €3.50 |Ideal tool for grind adjustment
Coffee grounds digital scales 600g
Tool for setting the grind
Edo espresso Shot Pot
💰 from €4.45
Hiroia Jimmy scale
Tool for setting the grind
EDO  Espresso coffee timer scales
Weigh coffee grounds /coffee shot | Time espresso extraction
Caravaggio Espresso spoons x 1
Won't break the cream when you stir
Joefrex Espresso spoon set
6 x Crema friendly espresso spoons

Premium-Quality Shot Glasses for Espresso

Espresso shot glasses are the must-have accessories for high-quality drinks made with coffee equipment. These products allow baristas to accurately determine the dosage of single or double espresso and ristretto to maximise a particular coffee blend's taste and aroma. Moreover, espresso shot glass measure helps track and adjust the ratio of liquid & crema – the main parameters on which a freshly brewed drink's flavour depends.

Shot glasses for espresso are vital for training, providing beginners with the necessary information about drinks consistency and volume. Although modern coffee machines can deliver coffee portions with incredible accuracy, baristas' skill can create perfect coffee even without specialised meters and additional options. Espresso shot glasses will help you learn the correct and fast coffee drink preparation, following the golden espresso ratio – 7 grams of ground coffee to 25-30 ml of water.

Blue Star Coffee experts believe that delicious coffee is the proper coffee, so we made sure that our customers have uninterrupted access to the best espresso shot glasses that will become reliable barista assistants! Check out the features and recommendations for choosing the most suitable accessory to quickly find the one you need among the variety of premium coffee-making products & tools.

Features of Espresso Shot Glasses

Most of the well-known coffee standards, which all modern coffee producers and famous baristas are guided by, originated in Italy. Specialised shot glasses for espresso are not an exception. They have several key features to preserve the top condition of freshly brewed coffee. The particular shape, volume, and wall thickness are not just functional solutions but also critical factors affecting the drink's quality, consistency, and crema density. That is why true coffee lovers will never drink espresso from cups and glasses that do not meet the established Italian quality standards.

Special Shape of Barista Espresso Shot Glass

It doesn't matter how many designs the modern market offers because the key to perfect shot glasses for espresso is hidden inside. The egg-shaped bottom allows maximising crema's integrity – thick foam that forms on the surface of coffee spilt under pressure. The edges of the espresso shot glass used for serving should be rounded so that your client can better taste the drink.

Dimensions and Capacity

It is noteworthy that the height of the shot glass for espresso also plays an essential role in the coffee-making process. Experienced baristas choose an accessory based on the type of coffee. For example, the classic espresso contains Arabica and Robusta's blend for a medium-bodied sourness and crema. Espresso shot glasses in 2 oz, being the most common size, will be the most practical solution in this case. Arabica-based drinks are softer and sweeter, but this type of coffee gives a minimum of crema. The tall and narrow espresso shot glass is the best option, allowing the foam to last longer and look more prominent.

The stronger the coffee, the smaller the cup, which is why you will never find quality shot glasses for espresso over 2 oz, allowing to contain the coffee liquid & crema. It is noteworthy that baristas never fill fully even the largest cups, leaving a little space above the coffee surface. The 2.5 oz is a more versatile capacity option, suitable for serving other drinks like lungo, but not for Italian espresso.

Thick-Walled Espresso Shots

A small volume of an espresso shot is not only an opportunity to drink it in a few sips but also a quick cooling, which entails the risk of the taste spoiling. The thicker sides and bottom of the shot glasses for espresso stop the heat loss briefly so that the barista can serve clients with the perfect coffee. Cups made of unique hard porcelain are a classic Italian serving option. However, modern baristas prefer glass espresso shots, which are more practical and easier to use. Clear espresso shot glass with handle is made of special high-strength glass. It looks stylish and has double walls to showcase the unrivalled colour of freshly brewed coffee and preserve its flavour.

Range of Stylish Shot Glasses for Espresso

Remarkably, espresso shot glass measure can be an excellent gift for experts and innovators who enjoy exploring tastes and inventing new espresso-based drinks. Unique sorts of coffee beans and the author's blends make particular demands on preparation processes and adherence to exact proportions. Small shot glasses for espresso with scales for ounces and millilitres are great assistants for creating original drinks, helping to track brewing nuances for perfect results.

In turn, beginners will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of espresso shot glasses collected in the Blue Star Coffee catalogue. The heat-resistant glass will extend the coffee life, giving the barista valuable seconds to hone their skills and the opportunity to see the colour of the drink received. We also recommend paying attention to the products of the famous Joe Frex. The grind adjustment cup is the best espresso shot glass for teaching, allowing everyone to memorise coffee proportions effortlessly.

Best Espresso Shot Glasses for Sale

Making Italian espresso is simple and challenging at the same time. The established proportions and innovative equipment simplify modern baristas' work dramatically but require increased attention and control at every coffee brewing stage. However, hard training, a little patience, and a high-quality espresso shot glass will help you refine your coffee! Let the Blue Star Coffee specialists help you and become a reliable partner who can always provide your coffee shop with high-quality coffee products, equipment & accessories. Create coffee masterpieces and open up new horizons of flavours, and we will deliver you the best shot glasses for espresso in no time!

To get great espresso coffee cream you need the correct tools.

How to Get Great Espresso Coffee Cream?

To get excellent espresso coffee cream, you need the correct tools. You won't get an amazing 'God shot' without having the correct grind, the proper amount of coffee, and how long it takes to pour. Get these right, and you are well on your way to coffee greatness. Calibrated espresso shot glasses have 2 main functions: measuring the quantity of liquid extracted and seeing the coffee cream. The more coffee cream extracted, the better the coffee.

You will need an espresso shot glass to measure the coffee shot's quantity, digital coffee weighing scales to measure the ground coffee's weight, and a timer to check the time it takes to extract the coffee. It should take 7 grams of espresso coffee to pour 30cl of espresso, and the pour should take between 18 and 23 seconds.

For pure arabica blends, the pour is as much as 28 seconds, but that depends on the coffee. If using 14 grams to get a great cream from a single shot, it should still take 18-23 seconds to pour the 30cl amount. 30cl or 1 oz is the standard size for a single espresso and can be seen in a calibrated espresso shot glass.

A calibrated espresso heavyweight shot glass will retain the heat, is hard to break and is ideal for a busy café or great value shot glass for the home. One should always wet the glass first with boiling water to ensure that the espresso does not stick to the glass or cool down. A stainless steel espresso shot pot is ideal for pouring single or double espressos for larger cup sizes. Drop a double shot into the pot and pour into a latte glass. Remember to wet the espresso shot pot first, so coffee cream is preserved.